Aalborg (Danmark), July 2008

The year that I didn't try to strangle Sigvald

Look at the lecture that I gave in Aalborg

Thanks to AC and SKO for some of the photos!

Most of the people.

My little lecture about Inducks on Saturday night at 23:30.

A serious discussion about how to index sketches in Inducks.

3 people made a drawing on SKO's wall: Christoffer, Rob and Ole-2. On this picture Rob...

...and here is Ole-2 finishing Zantaf.

The oldest guys of the weekend, doing a quiz, and winning gracefully.

SKO and Monica receive a drawing. The photographer in the back tries to make some pictures.

SKO, Stefan, and a flag (which is pronounced like "vlach" in Dutch).

On Monday, AC, Rob and I visited Ole-1. Again, some serious Inducks (and non-Inducks) discussions.

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