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Indexer  Issues
César García Zubiaga233
Robert Copeman169
Armando Garrido Bellieres59
Rogelho Aparecido Fernandes Junior52
Diego Vega49
Carlos Lima30
Gianni Biro13
Richard Garcia12
Marko Davidović11
Massimo Bonura7
Armando Botto4
José Rivaldo Ribeiro4
Frank Aasgård2
Jean Blanch2
Vicente Gonzalez Mirelis2
Christoph Overberg1
Fragkiskos Plytas1
Franco Bellazzi1
François Willot1
Juan José Boluda1
Matheus Guarany de Araujo1
Rémi Barnault1
Victor Picchi1

Total number of indexers: 27

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