Chronological list of indexed comics

December 3, 2023
China米老鼠 2012-02, 04
FranceSuper Picsou Géant 239
ItalyDisney BIG 188; Disney Time 114; Le Più Grandi Avventure Disney 27
NorwayDonald på eventyr 6
SpainDisney Limited 6

December 2, 2023
GreeceAthensCon 7; Μίκυ Μάους (Περίοδος Β') 494
NetherlandsAlgemeen Dagblad 20231202
PolandGigant Poleca Extra 2023-08
SwedenAnkeborgs samlarpocket 2023-06; Kalle Ankas Pocket 551; Kalle Ankas Pocket Special 2023-06; Musse Piggs Deckargåtor 2023-06

December 1, 2023
BrazilBD Disney 6
China米老鼠特刊 2012-01, 02
GreeceΚόμιξ (Περίοδος Β') 113
NetherlandsAlgemeen Dagblad 20231201

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This list only includes completely indexed comics that were added after July 17, 2005.

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