Chronological list of indexed stories

August 15, 2020

France FC PM 21Z, FC PM 22G, FC PM 22Z, FC PM 23Z, FC PM 24A, FC PM 24B, FC PM 24C, FC PM 24D, FC PM 24E, FC PM 25A, FC PM 25B, FC PM 25C, FC PM 25D, FC PM 25E, FC PM 25F, FC PM 26Z, FC PM 27A
Italy IC DFUN 61
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/PM 21A, Qfr/PM 22A, Qfr/PM 23A, Qfr/PM 24A, Qfr/PM 25A, Qfr/PM 26A, Qfr/PM 27A, Qgr/DXR 100A, Qit/FROZ 53BB
Greece Xgr/DXR 100A, Xgr/DXR 100B

August 14, 2020

Brazil B TP 150-T0, B TP 153-T0, B TP 156-T0, B TP 157-T0, B TP 158-T0, B TP 159-T0, B TP 161-T1, B TP 163-T0
France FC PM 2G, FC PM 5B, FC PM 5C, FC PM 5D, FC PM 5E, FC PM 5F, FC PM 5G, FC PM 6A, FC PM 6C, FC PM 6D, FC PM 6E, FC PM 8C, FC PM 13A, FC PM 13B, FC PM 13C, FC PM 13D, FC PM 13E, FC PM 14D, FC PM 14E, FC PM 14F, FC PM 15X, FC PM 15Y, FC PM 15Z, FC PM 16X, FC PM 16Y, FC PM 16Z, FC PM 17X, FC PM 17Y, FC PM 17Z, FC PM 18E, FC PM 18F, FC PM 18G, FC PM 18H, FC PM 18I, FC PM 18Z, FC PM 19Z, FC PM 20Z, FC W 37, FC W 37B, FC W 37C, FC W 37D, FC W 37E, FC W 37F, FC W 37G, FC W 38, FC W 38B, FC W 38C, FC W 38D, FC W 38E, FC W 38F, FC W 38G
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/PM 5A, Qfr/PM 5B, Qfr/PM 5C, Qfr/PM 6A, Qfr/PM 6B, Qfr/PM 13A, Qfr/PM 13B, Qfr/PM 14A, Qfr/PM 15A, Qfr/PM 16A, Qfr/PM 16B, Qfr/PM 17A, Qfr/PM 18A, Qfr/PM 20A

August 13, 2020

France FC PM 2C, FC PM 2D, FC PM 2E, FC PM 2F, FC PM 3A, FC PM 3B, FC PM 3C, FC PM 4B, FC PM 4C, FC PM 4D, FC PM 4E, FC PM 4F, FC PM 7A, FC PM 7B, FC PM 7C, FC PM 8A, FC PM 8B, FC PM 9A, FC PM 9B, FC PM 10A, FC PM 10B, FC PM 10C, FC PM 10D, FC PM 10E, FC PM 10F, FC PM 11A, FC PM 11B, FC PM 11C, FC PM 11D, FC PM 11E, FC PM 11F, FC PM 12W, FC PM 12Y, FC PM 12Z, FC PM 121L, FC PM 121M
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qde/MM2020-16, Qde/MM2020-17, Qfr/PM 1A, Qfr/PM 2A, Qfr/PM 3A, Qfr/PM 3B, Qfr/PM 4A, Qfr/PM 4B, Qfr/PM 7A, Qfr/PM 7B, Qfr/PM 8A, Qfr/PM 8B, Qfr/PM 9A, Qfr/PM 9B, Qfr/PM 10A, Qfr/PM 11A, Qfr/PM 11B, Qfr/PM 12A, Qfr/PM 12B, Qfr/PM 12C, Qse/KAKL2020-04a, Qse/KAKL2020-04b

August 12, 2020

Italy IC PMGM 4, IC TL 3372, IC TL 3373, IC TL 3373C
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qit/TL 3372B, Qit/TL 3372E, Qit/TL 3372F, Qit/TL 3373B, Qit/TL 3373G, Qit/TL 3373K

August 11, 2020

Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AA2020-32A

August 10, 2020

Holland HC DD2020-33
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/ELE 2003A

August 9, 2020

Italy IC PTM 7
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/KXB 73A, Qgr/KXB 73B, Qit/TD 97B
Greece Xgr/KXB 73A, Xgr/KXB 73B

August 8, 2020

France F JM 20705, FC JM 3556, FC PM 36G, FC PM 36Y, FC PM 37B, FC PM 37C, FC PM 37D, FC PM 37E, FC PM 37F, FC PM 37G, FC PM 37H, FC PM 38C, FC PM 38D, FC PM 38E, FC PM 38F, FC PM 38G, FC PM 38H, FC PM 38I, FC PM 38J, FC PM 38K, FC PM 38L, FC PM 38M, FC PM 39B, FC PM 39C, FC PM 39D, FC PM 39E, FC PM 39F, FC PM 39G, FC PM 39H, FC PM 40B, FC PM 40C, FC PM 40D, FC PM 40E, FC PM 40F, FC PM 40G, FC PM 40H, FC PM 40I, FC PM 41Y, FC PM 41Z, FC PM 42B, FC PM 42C, FC PM 42D, FC PM 42E, FC PM 42F, FC PM 42G, FC PM 42H, FC PM 42I, FC PM 42J, FC PM 42K, FC PM 42L, FC PM 42M, FC PM 42N, FC PM 42O
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/PM 36A, Qfr/PM 37A, Qfr/PM 38A, Qfr/PM 39A, Qfr/PM 40A, Qfr/PM 41A, Qfr/PM 42A, Qfr/PM 42B, Qgr/DXR 99A
Greece Xgr/DXR 99A, Xgr/DXR 99B

August 7, 2020

France FC PM 33A, FC PM 33B, FC PM 33C, FC PM 33D, FC PM 33E, FC PM 33F, FC PM 33G, FC PM 34A, FC PM 34B, FC PM 34C, FC PM 34D, FC PM 34E, FC PM 34F, FC PM 35Y, FC PM 35Z
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/PM 33A, Qfr/PM 34A, Qfr/PM 35A

August 6, 2020

France FC PM 30Z, FC PM 31A, FC PM 31B, FC PM 31C, FC PM 31D, FC PM 31Z, FC PM 32Z
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/PM 30A, Qfr/PM 31A, Qfr/PM 32A
Portugal Xpt/BDE 3, Xpt/BDE100, Xpt/MPT 79

August 5, 2020

France F JM 19712, F JM 20016, FC JM 3552
Holland HC DD2020-32, HC DD2020-32S, HC DE2020-09, HC DE2020-09K, HC PO3 303
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/SPG 218A, Qfr/SPG 218B

August 4, 2020

France F JM 19718, FC JM 3553, FC JM 3554, FC JM 3555
Italy IC ZPP 24
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AA2020-31A

August 3, 2020

Miscellaneous CR US 46d
France F JM 20014, FC JM 3551

August 2, 2020

Germany G MAV 27A, G MAV 27B, G MAV 27C, G MAV 27D, G MAV 27E, G MAV 27F, G MAV 27G, G MAV 28A, G MAV 28B, G MAV 28C, G MAV 28D, G MAV 28E, G MAV 28F
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