Chronological list of indexed stories

June 12, 2021

Brazil B AN 1-G0, B AN 2-FP
France FC JM 2118A, FC JM 2118B, FC JM 2118C, FC JM 2118D, FC JM 2118E, FC JM 2118F, FC JM 2118G, FC JM 2118H, FC JM 2121C, FC JM 2121D, FC JM 2121E, FC JM 2121G
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/JN2021A, Qfi/JN2021B, Qfi/JN2021C, Qfi/JN2021D, Qfi/JN2021E, Qfi/JN2021F, Qfi/JN2021G, Qfi/JN2021H, Qgr/KX 182D, Qgr/MM 906C
Finland XFC JN2021

June 11, 2021

Denmark D 2019-138, D 2020-053, D 2020-089, D 2020-099, D 2020-131, D 2020-135, D 2020-147, D 2020-151, D 2020-157
France FC JM 2149A, FC JM 2149B, FC JM 2149C, FC JM 2149D, FC JM 2149E, FC JM 2149F, FC JM 2155H, FC JM 3600
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/JM 3600A, Qgr/MM 170E, Qgr/MM 174E, Qgr/MM 177E, Qgr/MM 222D, Qgr/MM 223F, Qgr/MM 225F, Qgr/MM 230F

June 10, 2021

Brazil B MK 386-T0, B MK 386-T1
France FC JM 2117A, FC JM 2117B, FC JM 2117C, FC JM 2117D, FC JM 2117E, FC JM 2117F, FC JM 2117G, FC JM 2117H, FC JM 2117I, FC JM 2124A, FC JM 2124B, FC JM 2124C, FC JM 2124D, FC JM 2124E, FC JM 2124F, FC JM 2124G, FC JM 2124H, FC JM 2124I, FC JM 2126A, FC JM 2126B, FC JM 2126C, FC JM 2126D, FC JM 2126E, FC JM 2126F, FC JM 2126G, FC JM 2127A, FC JM 2127B, FC JM 2127C, FC JM 2127D, FC JM 2127E, FC JM 2127F, FC JM 2127G, FC JM 2127H, FC JM 2127I
Italy IC PAPS 11
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AA2021-23A, Qfi/AA2021-23B, Qgr/MM 116F, Qgr/MM 190C, Qgr/MM 190D, Qgr/MM 193C, Qgr/MM 197C, Qgr/MM 207C, Qgr/MM 209C, Qgr/MM 211D, Qgr/MM 212D, Qgr/MM 214D, Qgr/MM 215D, Qgr/SM 15A, Qit/PAPS 11A, Qit/PAPS 11B, Qit/PAPS 11C, Qit/PAPS 11D

June 9, 2021

France FC JM 1881A, FC JM 1881B, FC JM 1881C, FC JM 2120A, FC JM 2120B, FC JM 2120C, FC JM 2120D, FC JM 2122A, FC JM 2122B, FC JM 2122C, FC JM 2122D, FC JM 2123A, FC JM 2123B, FC JM 2123C, FC JM 2123D, FC JM 2123E, FC JM 2123F, FC JM 2123G, FC JM 2123H, FC JM 2123I
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/SPG 224A, Qfr/SPG 224B, Qfr/SPG 224C, Qfr/SPG 224D, Qfr/SPG 224E, Qgr/SM 9A, Qgr/SM 9B, Qgr/SM 9C, Qgr/SM 9D, Qgr/SM 9E

June 8, 2021

Brazil BCL 2021-003a
France FC JM 1792A, FC JM 1792B, FC JM 1792C, FC JM 1792D, FC JM 1792E, FC JM 2135A, FC JM 2135B, FC JM 2135C, FC JM 2135D, FC JM 2135E, FC JM 2135F, FC JM 2135G, FC JM 2135H, FC JM 2138A, FC JM 2138B, FC JM 2138C, FC JM 2138D, FC JM 2138E, FC JM 2138F, FC JM 2138G, FC PM 130A, FC PM 130B, FC PM 130C, FC PM 130D, FC PM 130E, FC PM 130F, FC PM 130G, FC PM 130H, FC PM 130I
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/MM 314D

June 7, 2021

Brazil B DDV9210, B MEEA 2-I0, B MEEA 2-I1, B MEEA 2-I2, B MEEA 2-I3, B MEEA 2-I4, B MEEA 2-T0, B MEEA 2-T1, B MG 181-GP, B PAS9307b, BC MEEA 2, BC MEEA 2B
France FC JM 2150A, FC JM 2150B, FC JM 2150C, FC JM 2150D, FC JM 2150E, FC JM 2150F, FC JM 2150G, FC JM 2150H, FC JM 2151A, FC JM 2151B, FC JM 2151C, FC JM 2151D, FC JM 2151E, FC JM 2151F, FC JM 2151G, FC JM 2151H, FC JM 2151I, FC JM 2151K, FC JM 2152A, FC JM 2152B, FC JM 2152C, FC JM 2152D, FC JM 2152E, FC JM 2152F, FC JM 2152G, FC JM 2154G, FC PM 125A, FC PM 125B, FC PM 125C, FC PM 125D, FC PM 125E, FC PM 125F, FC PM 125G, FC PM 125H, FC PM 126F, FC PM 126G, FC PM 126H, FC PM 126I, FC PM 126J, FC PM 128G, FC PM 128H, FC PM 129A, FC PM 129B, FC PM 129C, FC PM 129D, FC PM 129E, FC PM 129F, FC PM 129G, FC PM 129H, FC PM 129I
Italy I TL 3416-00, I TL 3416-01, I TL 3416-1P, I TL 3416-2, I TL 3416-4P, I TL 3416-5, I TL 3417-00, I TL 3417-01, I TL 3417-1, I TL 3417-3, I TL 3417-6, I TL 3418-00, I TL 3418-01, I TL 3418-2P, I TL 3418-5, I TL 3418-6, I TLDLE 2-1, IC CWD 5D, IC CWD 31E, IC PPK 54, IC TLDLE 2AB, IC TLDLE 2AC, IC TLDLE 2AD, IC TLDLE 9L, IC TLDLE13B, IC TLDLE25B
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/MM 1657A, Qit/PPK 54B

June 6, 2021

France FC JM 2154A, FC JM 2154B, FC JM 2154C, FC JM 2154D, FC JM 2154E, FC JM 2154F, FC JM 2154H, FC JM 2155A, FC JM 2155B, FC JM 2155C, FC JM 2155D, FC JM 2155E, FC JM 2155F, FC JM 2155G, FC JM 2168A, FC JM 2168B, FC JM 2168C, FC JM 2168D, FC JM 2168E, FC JM 2168F, FC JM 2168G, FC JM 2168H, FC JM 2168I, FC JM 2235A, FC JM 2235B, FC JM 2235C, FC JM 2235D, FC JM 2235E, FC JM 2235F, FC JM 2235G, FC JM 2235H, FC JM 2235I, FC PM 120A, FC PM 120B, FC PM 120C, FC PM 120D, FC PM 120E, FC PM 120F, FC PM 120G, FC PM 120H, FC PM 120I, FC PM 120J, FC PM 123A, FC PM 123B, FC PM 123C, FC PM 123D, FC PM 123E, FC PM 123F, FC PM 123G, FC PM 123H, FC PM 124D, FC PM 124E, FC PM 124F, FC PM 124G, FC PM 124H
Germany GC MM1988-35, GC MM1988-36, GC MM1988-37, GC MM1988-38, GC X1988-39
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/DXR 142A, Qgr/MMB 364A, Quk/MMAI1978AA, Quk/MMAI1978AB, Quk/MMAI1978AC, Quk/MMAI1978AD, Qus/CLTS 2C, Qus/DRL 1N, Qus/DRL 2N, Qus/DRL 3N, Qus/DRL 4N, Qus/DRL 7N, Qus/DRL 8N, Qus/DRL 10N
Greece Xgr/DXR 142A, Xgr/DXR 142B

June 5, 2021

France FC JM 1200A, FC JM 1200B, FC JM 1201A, FC JM 1201B, FC JM 1202A, FC JM 1202B, FC JM 1203A, FC JM 1203B, FC JM 1203C, FC JM 1203D, FC JM 1204A, FC JM 1204B, FC JM 1205C, FC JM 1205D, FC JM 1205E, FC JM 1206B, FC JM 1206C, FC JM 1208A, FC JM 1208C, FC JM 1208D, FC JM 1208E, FC JM 1209A, FC JM 1209C, FC JM 1209D, FC JM 1210B, FC JM 1210C, FC JM 1210D, FC JM 1211B, FC JM 1211C, FC JM 1211D, FC JM 1212B, FC JM 1213C, FC JM 1214B, FC JM 1216F, FC JM 1216G, FC JM 1218A, FC JM 1218B, FC JM 1218C, FC JM 1218D, FC JM 1219A, FC JM 1250A, FC JM 1250B, FC JM 1250C, FC JM 1251A, FC JM 1251B, FC JM 1251C, FC JM 1251D, FC JM 1252A, FC JM 1252B, FC JM 1253A, FC JM 1253B, FC JM 1254B, FC JM 1254C, FC JM 1255bA, FC JM 1255bB, FC JM 1255bC, FC JM 1255tA, FC JM 1255tB, FC JM 1255tC, FC JM 2157A, FC JM 2157B, FC JM 2157C, FC JM 2157D, FC JM 2157E, FC JM 2157F, FC JM 2172A, FC JM 2172B, FC JM 2172C, FC JM 2172D, FC JM 2172E, FC JM 2172F, FC JM 2172G, FC JM 3585A, FC JM 3599
Italy IC CWD 1E, IC CWD 30E, IC CWD 49E, IC CWD 58E
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qde/TGDD 409, Qfr/JM 1214A, Qfr/JM 1215A, Qfr/JM 1216A, Qfr/JM 1218A, Qfr/JM 1254A, Qfr/JM 1255A, Qfr/JM 1256A, Qfr/JM 1257A, Qfr/JM 1258A, Qgr/KL 26C, Qgr/KL 28E, Qgr/KL 97C, Qgr/KL 97D, Qgr/NPFN 17A
Greece Xgr/KL 97B

June 4, 2021

France FC JM 2164A, FC JM 2164B, FC JM 2164C, FC JM 2164D, FC JM 2164E, FC JM 2164F, FC PM 117A, FC PM 117B, FC PM 117C, FC PM 117D, FC PM 117E, FC PM 117F, FC PM 117G, FC PM 117H, FC PM 117I, FC PM 118D, FC PM 118E, FC PM 118F, FC PM 118G, FC SPG 224
Italy IC CWD 30D, IC CWD 36E, IC CWD 50E, IC CWD 51E, IC CWD 52E, IC CWD 55E, IC CWD 65E
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/JM 3599A, Qgr/KL 42G, Qgr/KL 92HB, Qgr/KL 94C, Qgr/KL 96D, Qgr/KL 96G, Qgr/KL 96H
Finland XFC AATK501
Greece Xgr/KL 92B

June 3, 2021

France FC JM 2161A, FC JM 2161B, FC JM 2161C, FC JM 2161D, FC JM 2161E, FC JM 2161F, FC JM 2161G, FC JM 2165A, FC JM 2165B, FC JM 2165C, FC JM 2165D, FC JM 2165E, FC JM 2165F, FC JM 2165G, FC JM 2166A, FC JM 2166B, FC JM 2166C, FC JM 2166D, FC JM 2166E, FC JM 2166F, FC JM 2166G, FC JM 2166H, FC JM 2166I, FC JM 2166J, FC JM 2166K, FC JM 2166L, FC JM 2166M, FC JM 2166N, FC JM 2166O, FC PM 116A, FC PM 116B, FC PM 116C, FC PM 116D, FC PM 116E, FC PM 116F, FC PM 116G, FC PM 116H, FC PM 116I, FC PM 116J
Holland HC DD2021-22U
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AA2021-22A, Qfi/AA2021-22B, Qgr/KL 99C, Qgr/KL 99D, Qgr/KL 99E
United Kingdom U MMAI1978A, U MMAI1978B, U MMAI1978C, U MMAI1978D, UC MMAI1978A, UC MMAI1978B, UC MMAI1978C, UC MMAI1978D, UC MMAI1978E, UC MMAI1978F, UC MMAI1978G, UC MMAI1978H, UC MMAI1978I, UC MMAI1978Z
Greece Xgr/KL 85B, Xgr/KL 99B

June 2, 2021

France FC JM 2116A, FC JM 2116B, FC JM 2116C, FC JM 2116D, FC JM 2116E, FC JM 2116F, FC JM 2116G, FC JM 2222E, FC JM 2222F, FC JM 2222G, FC JM 2225A, FC JM 2225B, FC JM 2225C, FC JM 2225D, FC JM 2225E, FC JM 2225F, FC JM 2225G, FC JM 2230A, FC JM 2230B, FC JM 2230C, FC JM 2230D, FC JM 2230E, FC JM 2230F, FC JM 2230G, FC PM 163M, FC PM 163N
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/KL 62A, Qgr/KL 62B, Qgr/KL 64B, Qgr/KL 64DB, Qgr/KL 64FA
Chile Xcl/DIS 246
Greece Xgr/MM 146, Xgr/MM 148
Other Xmx/CWD 7, Xmx/CWD 268, Xmx/CWD 272, Xmx/CWD 284, Xmx/CWD 324, Xmx/CWD 334, Xmx/CWD 416, Xmx/CWD 626, Xmx/HWD 288, Xmx/HWD 344, Xmx/HWD 349, Xmx/HWD 351, Xmx/HWD 364, Xmx/HWD 390, Xmx/HWD 617, Xmx/VWD3 11

June 1, 2021

Brazil B TP 307-T0, B TP 310-G0, B TP 310-T0, B TP 311-T0, B TP 313-T0, B TP 314-T0, B TP 314-T1, B TP 319-G0, B TP 325-G0
France FC JM 1111A, FC JM 2217A, FC JM 2217B, FC JM 2217C, FC JM 2217D, FC JM 2218A, FC JM 2218B, FC JM 2218C, FC JM 2218D, FC JM 2218E, FC JM 2218F, FC JM 2218G, FC JM 2218H, FC JM 2218I, FC JM 2218J, FC JM 2220A, FC JM 2220B, FC JM 2220C, FC JM 2220D, FC JM 2220E, FC JM 2220F, FC JM 2221A, FC JM 2221B, FC JM 2221C, FC JM 2221D, FC JM 2221E, FC JM 2221F, FC JM 2221G, FC JM 2222A, FC JM 2222B, FC JM 2222C, FC JM 2222D, FC JM 2223A, FC JM 2223B, FC JM 2223C, FC JM 2223D, FC JM 2223E, FC JM 2223F, FC JM 2224A, FC JM 2224B, FC JM 2224C, FC JM 2224D, FC JM 2224E, FC PM 110D, FC PM 110E, FC PM 110F, FC PM 113A, FC PM 113B, FC PM 113C, FC PM 113D, FC PM 113E, FC PM 113F, FC PM 113G, FC PM 113H, FC PM 113I, FC PM 113J, FC PM 113K, FC PM 114K
Holland HC DD2021-22, HC DE2021-07, HC DE2021-07K
Italy IC EZP9207Q
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/KL 45, Qgr/KL 52B, Qgr/KL 63C, Qgr/KL 70C, Qgr/KL 70J, Qgr/KL 70K, Qgr/MM 334F, Qyu/MZC 146
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