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Chronological list of indexed stories

January 20, 2020

Holland HC DD2020-03Z, HC DD2020-04J, HC DE2020-02, HC DE2020-02K, HC DE2020X02, HC DE2020X02A, HC EDS2020-01A, HC KA2020-01, HC PO3 296
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/MIK 238D

January 6, 2020

Germany G C 1037, G DD 33A, G DD 33B, G DD 33C, G DD 33D, G DD 33E, G DD 33F, G DD 33G, G DD 33H, G DD 33I, G DD 33J, G DD 33K, G DD 33L, G DD 33M, G DD 33N, G DD 33O, G DD 33P, G DD 33Q, G DD 33R, G DD 33S, G DD 33T, G DD 33U, G DD 33V, G DD 33W, G DD 33X, G DD 33Y, G DD 33ZA, G DD 33ZB, G DD 33ZC, G DD 34ZC, G RC 8601A, G RC 8601B, G RC 8601C, G RC 8601D, G RC 8602A, G RC 8602B, G RC 8602C, G RC 8602D, G RC 8602E, G RC 8603A, G RC 8603B, G RC 8603C, G RC 8603D, G RC 8603E, G RC 8603F, G RC 8710A, G RC 8710B, G RC 8710C, G RC 8710D, G RC 8710E
Holland HC DD2020-02M, HC DD2020-02U
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AA2019-52A, Qfi/AA2019-52B, Qfi/AA2019-52C, Qfi/AA2019B52A, Qfi/AA2020-01A, Qfi/AA2020-01B, Qit/FUN 5A, Qit/FUN 5B, Qit/FUN 5D, Qit/FUN 8B, Qit/FUN 8F, Qit/FUN 9A, Qit/FUN 10AB, Qit/FUN 11AB, Qit/FUN 11B, Qit/FUN 11D, Qit/FUN 11E, Qit/FUN 11F, Qit/FUN 11G, Qit/FUN 13H, Qit/FUN 13I, Qit/FUN 14G
Egypt Xeg/SM 1290A
Finland XFC AA2019B52, XFC AA2020-01

January 5, 2020

France FC JM 28A
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/RS1992B12B, Qgr/MM 1395B
Belgium XBC MM 51A, XBC MM 51B, XBC MM 51C

January 4, 2020

Brazil BC SJEFM 3
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/KAEL2018A, Qfi/KAEL2018B, Qgr/DXR 68A, Qgr/MMB 290A, Qgr/SM 11F, Qit/FUN 14F, Qit/FUN 17B, Qit/FUN 18B
Belgium XBC MM 48A, XBC MM 49B
Finland XFC AAL2019-42, XFC AAL2019-43, XFC AAL2020-01, XFC AAL2020-02
Greece Xgr/DXR 68A, Xgr/DXR 68B
Yugoslavia XYC MZC 307

January 3, 2020

Brazil B GADCL 2-T0, B GADCL 2-T1, B GADCL 2-T2, B PAS0002a, B PAS0002b, B PAS0002c, B PAS0003a, B PAS0004a, B PAS0006b, B PAS0010a, B PAS0012a, B PAS0101, B PAS0103b, B PAS9407, B PAS9408, B PAS9501a, B PAS9501b, B PAS9508, B PAS9509, B PAS9602a, B PAS9603, B PAS9604a, B PAS9604b, B PAS9605, B PAS9704, B PAS9706, B PAS9708a, B PAS9708b, B ZC 2002-AP, B ZC 2164-T0, B ZC 2165-T0, B ZC 2167-T0, B ZC 2169-T0
Denmark D 2016-250, D 2016-340, D 2017-062, D 2017-093, D 2017-121, D 2017-169, D 2018-133, D 2018-135, D 2018-161, D 2018-163, D 2019-011, D 2019-024, D 2019-033, D 2019-034, D 2019-039, D 27974, D 28039, D 28040, D 28118
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qde/TGDD 392, Qgr/MIK 248C, Qgr/MIK 248D, Qgr/MIK 248FA, Qgr/MIK 248FB, Qit/FUN 1B, Qit/FUN 1b, Qit/FUN 1E, Qit/FUN 1e, Qit/FUN 1H, Qit/FUN 1h, Qit/FUN 2A, Qit/FUN 2D, Qit/FUN 3A, Qit/FUN 3a, Qit/FUN 3B, Qit/FUN 4A, Qit/FUN 4a, Qit/FUN 4B, Qit/FUN 6D, Qit/FUN 7A, Qit/FUN 7B, Qit/FUN 7D, Qit/FUN 10A, Qit/FUN 10B, Qit/FUN 10D, Qit/FUN 10F, Qit/FUN 10G, Qit/FUN 12D, Qit/FUN 12F, Qit/FUN 12G, Qit/FUN 13A, Qit/FUN 13B, Qit/FUN 13C, Qit/FUN 13D, Qit/FUN 13E, Qit/FUN 13F, Qit/FUN 13G, Qit/FUN 14A, Qit/FUN 14C, Qit/FUN 14D, Qit/FUN 14E, Qit/FUN 15A, Qit/FUN 15B, Qit/FUN 15C, Qit/FUN 15D, Qit/FUN 15E, Qit/FUN 15F, Qit/FUN 16B, Qit/FUN 17A, Qit/FUN 18A, Qus/CLTS 1A
Belgium XBC MM 53C, XBC MM 53D, XBC MM 54A, XBC MM 54B, XBC MM 54D, XBC MM 86A, XBC MM 86B

January 2, 2020

Germany G DD 39X
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qbe/MM 53A
Belgium XBC MM 53A, XBC MM 53B

January 1, 2020

France F DBG 10A, F DBG 10B, F DBG 10C, F DBG 10D, F DBG 10E, F DBG 10F, F DBG 10G, F DBG 10H
Belgium XBC MM 52A, XBC MM 52B
Egypt Xeg/SM 1286A
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