Chronological list of indexed stories

May 11, 2021

France FC MP 34A, FC MP 34B, FC MP 34C, FC MP 34D, FC PM 555A
Holland HD 2021-131, HD 2021-132, HD 2021-133, HD 2021-134, HD 2021-135, HD 2021-136, HD 2021-137, HD 2021-138, HD 2021-139, HD 2021-140, HD 2021-141, HD 2021-142, HD 2021-143, HD 2021-144, HD 2021-145, HD 2021-146, HD 2021-147, HD 2021-148, HD 2021-149, HD 2021-150, HD 2021-151, HD 2021-152, HD 2021-153, HD 2021-154, HD 2021-155, HD 2021-156, HD 2021-157, HD 2021-158, HD 2021-159
Italy I OVBV 15-1, I OVBV 16-1, I TL 3415-00, I TL 3415-01, I TL 3415-1, I TL 3415-4, IC OVBV 15, IC OVBV 16
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/KL 147F, Qit/PKOM 74A
Poland Xpl/KCB 12

May 10, 2021

France F JM 18015, FC JMMP 18, FC PM 84G, FC PM 84H, FC PM 84I, FC SPG 90A, FC SPG 90C, FC SPG 90D, FC SPG 91B, FC SPG 91C, FC SPG 91D, FC SPG 91E, FC SPG 91F, FC SPG 91G, FC SPG 91H, FC VSM 1A
Holland HC DD2021-19W, HC DD2021-19Z
Italy I OAES 15-1, IC OAES 15, IC SUD 90, IC TOFF 4V
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/HMP 9A, Qgr/HMP 9B, Qgr/KL 44C, Qgr/MM 226C, Qgr/MM 226D, Qgr/MM 282B, Qgr/PT 1A, Qgr/PT 1B, Qgr/PT 1C, Qgr/PT 1D, Qgr/PT 1E, Qgr/PT 1F, Qgr/PT 1G, Qgr/PT 1H, Qgr/PT 1I, Qgr/PT 1K, Qgr/PT 1L, Qgr/PT 1M, Qgr/PT 1N, Qgr/PT 1O, Qgr/PT 1P, Qgr/PT 1Q, Qgr/PT 1R, Qgr/PT 1S, Qgr/PT 1T, Qgr/PT 1U, Qgr/PT 1V, Qgr/PT 1X, Qgr/PT 1Y, Qgr/PT 1Z, Qit/PKOM 57A, Qit/PKOM 59A, Qit/PKOM 59B, Qit/PKOM 75A, Qit/PKOM 76A, Qit/PKOM 78A, Qit/PKOM 82A, Qit/PKOM 83A, Qit/PKOM 84A, Qit/PKOM 85A, Qit/PKOM 86A

May 9, 2021

Denmark D PRE 34048
France FC MP 115A, FC MP 115B, FC MP 115C, FC MP 115E, FC MP 115F, FC MP 115G, FC PM 85G, FC PM 85H
Italy I TGLD 2-1, IC ATP 1, IC DSM 62, IC PM 491, IC SPD 91C, IC SPD 91D, IC SPD 91E, IC SPD 91F, IC SPD 91G, IC SPD 91H, IC SPD 91I, IC SPD 91J, IC SPD 91K, IC TGLD 2C, IC TGLD 2E
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/KL 93C, Qgr/KL 93D, Qgr/KL 93E, Qgr/KL 138G, Qgr/MM 233B, Qit/ATP 1A, Qit/ATP 1B, Qit/ATP 1C, Qit/ATP 1D, Qit/SPD 91A, Qit/TGLD 2A, Qit/TGLD 2B, Qit/TGLD 2C, Qit/TGLD 2D, Qit/TGLD 2E, Qit/TGLD 2F

May 8, 2021

France FC PM 83B, FC PM 83C, FC PM 83D, FC PM 83F
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/DXR 138A
Finland XFC AATK500
Greece Xgr/DXR 138A, Xgr/DXR 138B

May 7, 2021

France FC MJ 21, FC MJ 34, FC MJ 46, FC MJ 52, FC MJ 58, FC MJ 109, FC MJ 110, FC MJ 111, FC MJ 112, FC MJ 113, FC MJ 115, FC MJ 118, FC MJ 119, FC MJ 123, FC MJ 124, FC MJ 125, FC MJ 127, FC MJ 138, FC MJ 143, FC MJ 145, FC MJ 147, FC MP 118A, FC MP 118B, FC MP 118C, FC MP 118D, FC MP 118E, FC MP 118F, FC MP 118G, FC MP 198A, FC MP 198B, FC MP 198C, FC MP 198D, FC MP 198E, FC MP 198F, FC MP 198G, FC MP 198H
Holland HC DD2021-18, HC DD2021-18J, HC DE2021-06, HC DE2021-06K, HC KA2021-05
Posters and other promotional material PR 26, PR 27
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/MP 198A, Qgr/KL 121C, Qgr/XIN 170E, Qgr/XIN 182A, Qgr/XIN 189C, Qyu/MZS 274E

May 6, 2021

France FC MPO 130Z
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AA2021-18A, Qfi/AA2021-18B, Qfi/AA2021-18C, Qfr/MPO 130A, Qgr/MM 776E, Qgr/XIN 60A, Qgr/XIN 60B, Qgr/XIN 60C, Qgr/XIN 60D, Qgr/XIN 60E, Qgr/XIN 60F, Qgr/XIN 170A, Qgr/XIN 170B, Qgr/XIN 170C, Qgr/XIN 170D, Qgr/XIN 173A, Qgr/XIN 173B, Qgr/XIN 173C, Qgr/XIN 173D, Qgr/XIN 173E, Qgr/XIN 189A, Qgr/XIN 189B

May 5, 2021

France F JM 08046, FC JM 3594, FC JMS 3594, FC MPO 131
Italy I PPK 53-1, IC PPK 53
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/KL 178D

May 4, 2021

Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qde/MM2021-10, Qfr/MP 382A, Qfr/MP 382B, Qgr/MM 1607D
Greece Xgr/KL 107B
USA (miscellaneous) XUC CBDL 24, XUC CBDL 24B

May 3, 2021

France FC PM 153A, FC PM 153B, FC PM 153C, FC PM 153D, FC PM 153E, FC PM 153F, FC PM 153G, FC PM 153H, FC PM 153I, FC PM 153J, FC PM 153K, FC SPG 125B, FC SPG 125C, FC SPG 155A, FC SPG 155B, FC SPG 155C, FC SPG 155D, FC SPG 155E, FC SPG 155F, FC SPG 155G, FC SPG 155H, FC SPG 155I
Italy I TL 3411-00, I TL 3411-01, I TL 3411-1P, I TL 3411-2, I TL 3411-3, I TL 3411-4, I TL 3411-5, I TL 3411-6P, I TL 3412-00, I TL 3412-01, I TL 3412-1, I TL 3412-3, I TL 3413-00, I TL 3413-2, I TL 3413-3, I TL 3413-4, I TL 3413-5, I TL 3413-6P, I TL 3414-00, I TL 3414-01, I TL 3414-3, I TL 3414-4, I TL 3414-5, I TL 3414-6, IC DDCO 1B, IC DDCO 5B, IC DDCO 5D, IC DDCO 12B, IC DDCO 35SP, IC DDCO 35SPC, IC TL 3408, IC TL 3408C, IC TL 3409, IC TL 3409D, IC TL 3409E, IC TL 3409F, IC TL 3409G, IC TL 3409H, IC TL 3409I, IC TL 3409J, IC TL 3410, IC TL 3410D, IC TL 3410E, IC TL 3411, IC TL 3411C, IC TL 3412, IC TL 3412C, IC TL 3413, IC TL 3413C, IC TL 3414, IC TL 3414C, IC TL 3414D, IC TL 3414E, IC TL 3414F, IC TL 3414G, IC TL 3414H, IC TL 3414I, IC TL 3414J, IC TL 3414K
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/DXR 137A, Qgr/KXB 82A, Qit/TL 3408C, Qit/TL 3408D, Qit/TL 3408I, Qit/TL 3408P, Qit/TL 3408Q, Qit/TL 3409C, Qit/TL 3409D, Qit/TL 3409G, Qit/TL 3409H, Qit/TL 3409L, Qit/TL 3409M, Qit/TL 3409N, Qit/TL 3410C, Qit/TL 3410D, Qit/TL 3410K, Qit/TL 3411C, Qit/TL 3411D, Qit/TL 3411E, Qit/TL 3411L, Qit/TL 3411M, Qit/TL 3412C, Qit/TL 3412D, Qit/TL 3412H, Qit/TL 3412M, Qit/TL 3412O, Qit/TL 3413C, Qit/TL 3413D, Qit/TL 3413G, Qit/TL 3413H, Qit/TL 3413J, Qit/TL 3413L, Qit/TL 3413M, Qit/TL 3413N, Qit/TL 3414C, Qit/TL 3414D, Qit/TL 3414J, Qit/TL 3414K, Qit/TL 3414L
Greece Xgr/DXR 137A, Xgr/DXR 137B

May 2, 2021

France FC JM 1715A, FC JM 1715B, FC JM 1715C, FC JM 1715D, FC JM 1715E, FC JM 1715F, FC JM 1715G, FC JM 1719A, FC SPG 92AA, FC SPG 93AA, FC SPG 93G, FC SPG 94E, FC SPG 96J
Italy I TL 3071-S1
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/MM 1619C
Greece Xgr/KL 104B

May 1, 2021

France FC JM 2554A, FC JM 2558-59A, FC JM 2562A
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/JM 2553A, Qfr/JM 2558-59B
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