Chronological list of indexed stories

June 27, 2022

France FC JM 1817A, FC JM 1817B, FC JM 1817C, FC JM 1817D, FC JM 1817E, FC JM 1818A, FC JM 1818B, FC JM 1818C, FC JM 1819A, FC JM 1819B, FC JM 1819C, FC JM 2032A, FC JM 2032B, FC JM 2032C, FC JM 2191E
Italy I ADP 1-1, IC DSBP 9, IC DSBP 9C
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/MPO 94A, Qfr/TP 58N, Qit/DSBP 9A, Qit/DSBP 9B, Qit/DSBP 9C, Qyu/MZC 811a, Qyu/MZC 811b, Qyu/MZC 811c, Qyu/MZC 811d, Qyu/MZC 811e
Australia Xau/GS 338

June 26, 2022

Denmark D 2021-016, D 2021-065, D 2021-156, D 2021-173
France FC JM 1807C, FC JM 1808A, FC JM 1808B, FC JM 1808C, FC JM 1812A, FC JM 1815A, FC JM 1815B, FC JM 1815C, FC JM 2402A
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/JM 1808A, Qfr/JM 1812A, Qfr/JM 1812B, Qfr/JM 1815A, Qfr/JM 1815B, Qit/GCFG 10A, Qit/GCFG 10B, Qus/DMF 19N, Qyu/MZC 698a, Qyu/MZC 698b
United Kingdom U MMW 469E

June 25, 2022

France FC JM 1804A, FC JM 1804B, FC JM 1804C, FC JM 1804D, FC JM 1805A, FC JM 1806A, FC JM 1806B, FC JM 1806C, FC JM 1807A, FC JM 1807B, FC JM 1854A, FC JM 1854B, FC JM 1854C, FC JM 1855A, FC JM 1855B, FC JM 1856B, FC JM 1856C, FC JM 1856D
Germany GC MM1988-23A, GC MM1988-36A, GC MM1988-36B, GC MMK 91A, GC MMK 91B, GC MMK 91C, GC MMK 91D, GC MMK 91E
Holland HC DDKAL 2019, HC DDVB 2020B, HC DDVB 2020C
Italy IC TL 3371
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/JM 1804A, Qfr/JM 1806A, Qfr/JM 1807A, Qfr/JM 1854A, Qus/DMF 18N, Qus/DMF 19Z, Qyu/MZC 697a, Qyu/MZC 697c, Qyu/MZC 697d, Qyu/MZC 697e

June 24, 2022

Denmark D 28367, D PRE 11074, D PRE 22164
France F JM 22008, FC JM 630A, FC JM 631A, FC JM 632A, FC JM 634A, FC JM 1830A, FC JM 1830B, FC JM 1830C, FC JM 1830D, FC JM 1830E, FC JM 1835A, FC JM 1835B, FC JM 1895A, FC JM 1895B, FC JM 1895C, FC JM 1994C, FC JM 1994D, FC JM 2233D, FC JM 2233E, FC JM 2256A, FC JM 2256B, FC JM 2256C, FC JM 2256D, FC JM 2256E, FC JM 2256F, FC JM 2256G, FC JM 2256H, FC JM 2256I, FC JM 2256J, FC JM 2256K, FC JM 2256L, FC JM 2256M, FC JM 2257A, FC JM 2257B, FC JM 2257C, FC JM 2257D, FC JM 2257E, FC JM 2257F, FC JM 2257G, FC JM 2258A, FC JM 2258B, FC JM 2258C, FC JM 2258D, FC JM 2258E, FC JM 2258F, FC JM 2258G, FC JM 2258H, FC JM 2259A, FC JM 2259B, FC JM 2259C, FC JM 2259D, FC JM 2259E, FC JM 2259F, FC JM 2259G, FC JM 2259H, FC JM 2259I, FC JM 2259J, FC JM 2259K, FC JM 2259L, FC JM 3654-55, FC PM 563
Germany GC MM1978-08A, GC MM1987-39A, GC MM1987-39B, GC MM1988-46A, GC MM1988-46B
Italy I TOFF 6-1P, I TOFF 7-1, IC DMA 94, IC PAPS 15, IC TIGP 4, IC TL 3471B, IC TOFF 7, IC TOFF 7C
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qde/MM2022-14, Qit/GCFG 9A, Qit/GCFG 9B, Qit/PAPS 15A, Qit/PAPS 15B, Qit/PAPS 15C, Qit/PAPS 15D, Qit/TD 108A, Qit/TD 108B, Qyu/MZC 694, Qyu/MZC 695, Qyu/MZC 696b
Greece Xgr/ALM 120B
Norway XNC SUD2006-01

June 21, 2022

Denmark D 28348, D PRE 31724, D PRE 38303, DC AA1979-42A, DC AA1979-43A
France F JM 22007, FC JM 1834A, FC JM 1834B, FC JM 1834C, FC JM 1834D, FC JM 2233A, FC JM 2233B, FC JM 2233C, FC JM 2233e, FC JM 2233F, FC JM 2233G, FC JM 2233H, FC JM 2233I, FC JM 2233J, FC JM 2233K, FC JM 3653
Italy I TL 3264-1P, I TL 3271-3P, I TL 3272-1P, IC GCDN 78, IC TOFF 6, IC TOFF 6C, IC ZPP 48
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qdk/AA2022-25A, Qdk/AA2022-25B, Qfi/AA2022-25A, Qfi/AA2022-25B, Qfr/JM 2233A, Qfr/JM 3653A, Qgr/KXB 95A, Qgr/MIK 342F, Qgr/XIN 180A, Qgr/XIN 180B, Qgr/XIN 181A, Qgr/XIN 181B, Qgr/XIN 181C, Qit/DSE 20A, Qit/GCDN 78A, Qit/GCDN 78B, Qit/TOFF 6, Qit/ZPP 48A, Qit/ZPP 48B, Qyu/MZC 692, Qyu/MZC 693a, Qyu/MZC 693b

June 19, 2022

Miscellaneous CM 40
Denmark D PRE 31018, D PRE 31305, D PRE 31463, D PRE 31726, D PRE 31955, D PRE 31961, D PRE 31981, D PRE 39534, D PRE 39672
France FC JM 1697A, FC JM 1697B, FC JM 1697C, FC JM 1697D, FC JM 1744A, FC JM 1744B, FC JM 1744C, FC JM 1745D, FC JM 1745E, FC JM 1870A, FC JM 1870B, FC JM 1870C, FC JM 1871C, FC JM 1871D, FC JM 1872B, FC JM 1873C, FC JM 1873D, FC JM 1873E, FC JM 1873F, FC JM 1879A, FC JM 1879B, FC JM 1879C, FC JM 2041A, FC JM 2240A, FC JM 2240B, FC JM 2240C, FC JM 2240D, FC JM 2240E, FC JM 2240F, FC JM 2240G, FC JM 2240H, FC JM 2240I, FC JM 2246A, FC JM 2246B, FC JM 2246C, FC JM 2246D, FC JM 2246E, FC JM 2246F, FC JM 2246G, FC JM 2246H, FC JM 2248A, FC JM 2248B, FC JM 2248C, FC JM 2248D, FC JM 2248E, FC JM 2248F, FC JM 2248G, FC JM 2248H, FC JM 2248I, FC JM 2248J, FC JM 2251A, FC JM 2251B, FC JM 2251C, FC JM 2251D, FC JM 2251E, FC JM 2251F, FC JM 2251G, FC JM 2251H, FC JM 2251I, FC JM 2255A, FC JM 2255B, FC JM 2255C, FC JM 2255D, FC JM 2255E, FC JM 2255F, FC JM 2255G, FC JM 2255H, FC JM 2255I, FC JM 2255J, FC JM 2255K, FC JM 2255L, FC JM 2301A, FC JM 2301B, FC JM 2301C, FC JM 2301D, FC JM 2302A, FC JM 2302C, FC JM 2303A, FC JM 2303B, FC JM 2303C, FC JM 2305A, FC JM 2305B, FC JM 2305C, FC JM 2305D, FC JM 2309A, FC JM 2309B, FC JM 2309C, FC JM 2309D, FC JM 2369G
Germany GC MMK 89, GC MMK 89A, GC MMK 89B, GC MMK 89C, GC MMK 89D, GC MMK 91
Italy I PM 503-1, I PM 504-1, IC PM 504
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qch/SWOF 27A, Qch/SWOF 27B, Qch/SWOF 27C, Qch/SWOF 27D, Qch/SWOF 27E, Qfr/JM 1697A, Qfr/JM 1697B, Qfr/JM 1871A, Qfr/JM 1872A, Qit/PM 504a, Qse/KAKL2022-03a, Qse/LEAV 6a, Qyu/MZC 687a, Qyu/MZC 687b, Qyu/MZC 687d, Qyu/MZC 687e, Qyu/MZC 687f, Qyu/MZC 687g, Qyu/MZC 687h, Qyu/MZC 687i, Qyu/MZC 687j, Qyu/MZC 687k, Qyu/MZC 687l, Qyu/MZC 689a, Qyu/MZC 689b, Qyu/MZC 689c, Qyu/MZC 689d, Qyu/MZC 689e, Qyu/MZC 689f, Qyu/MZC 689g, Qyu/MZC 690c, Qyu/MZC 690d, Qyu/MZC 691a
Yugoslavia XY MZ 1000

June 16, 2022

Italy I TL 3472-00, I TL 3472-01, I TL 3472-1P, I TL 3472-3, I TL 3472-4, I TL 3472-5, IC TL 3472, IC TL 3472C
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/MM 1466A, Qgr/MM 1538D, Qit/TL 3472C, Qit/TL 3472D, Qit/TL 3472E, Qit/TL 3472O, Qyu/MZC 857A, Qyu/MZC 857B, Qyu/MZC 857C, Qyu/MZC 857D

June 15, 2022

France FC AJM 83A, FC AJM 83B, FC AJM 83C, FC AJM 83D, FC AJM 83E, FC AJM 83F, FC AJM 83G, FC AJM 83H, FC AJM 83I, FC AJM 83J, FC AJM 83K, FC AJM 83L, FC AJM 83M, FC AJM 83N, FC AJM 83O, FC AJM 83P, FC AJM 83Q, FC AJM 83R, FC AJM 83S, FC JM 2081A, FC JM 2081B, FC JM 2081C, FC JM 2081D, FC JM 2092A, FC JM 2092B, FC JM 2092C, FC JM 2092D, FC JM 2092E, FC JM 2092F, FC JM 2092G, FC JM 2092H, FC JM 2092I, FC JM 2116H, FC SPG 43D
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/JM 1886A, Qfr/JM 1886B, Qfr/TP 59A, Qfr/TP 59B, Qfr/TP 59C, Qfr/TP 59D, Qfr/TP 59E, Qfr/TP 59F, Qfr/TP 59G, Qfr/TP 59H, Qfr/TP 59I, Qfr/TP 59J, Qfr/TP 59K, Qfr/TP 59L, Qfr/TP 59M, Qfr/TP 59N, Qfr/TP 59O, Qgr/MIN 106A, Qyu/MZC1124B

June 14, 2022

Miscellaneous CS ZD95-07-16
Denmark D 45, D 63, D 67, D 70, D 79, D RYDAHL 10, D RYDAHL 11, D RYDAHL 12, D RYDAHL 13, D RYDAHL 14, DC AA1986-04A
France FC JM 1891A, FC JM 1891B, FC JM 2007A, FC JM 2007B, FC JM 2007C, FC JM 2007D, FC JM 2182A, FC JM 2182B, FC JM 2182C, FC JM 2182D, FC JM 2182E, FC JM 2182F, FC JM 2182G, FC JM 2237A, FC JM 2237B, FC JM 2237C, FC JM 2237D, FC JM 2237E, FC JM 2237F, FC JM 2237G, FC JM 2237H, FC JM 2245A, FC JM 2245B, FC JM 2245C, FC JM 2245D, FC JM 2245E, FC JM 2245F, FC JM 2245G, FC JM 2245H, FC JM 2245I, FC JM 2245J, FC JM 2245K, FC MDC 58A, FC MDC 59A, FC MDC 60A, FC SPG 43A, FC SPG 43B, FC SPG 43C, FC SPG 43E, FC SPG 43G
Italy IC ADP 1D, IC DBIG168, IC DBIG169
Posters and other promotional material PMF 21-C
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AA2022-24A, Qfi/AA2022-24B, Qfr/JM 1891A, Qfr/JM 1891B, Qfr/JM 1891C, Qfr/MDC 58A, Qfr/MDC 58B, Qfr/MDC 58C, Qfr/MDC 58D, Qfr/MDC 58E, Qfr/MDC 58F, Qfr/MDC 58G, Qfr/MDC 59A, Qfr/MDC 59B, Qfr/MDC 59C, Qfr/MDC 59D, Qfr/MDC 59E, Qfr/MDC 59F, Qfr/MDC 59G, Qfr/MDC 60A, Qfr/MDC 60B, Qfr/MDC 60C, Qfr/MDC 60D, Qfr/MDC 60E, Qfr/MDC 60F, Qfr/MDC 60G, Qfr/MP 199A, Qgr/PT 7AC, Qit/PKOM 48A, Qit/PKOM 48B, Qyu/MZC 687A, Qyu/MZC 687B, Qyu/MZC 687D, Qyu/MZC 687E, Qyu/MZC 687F, Qyu/MZC 687G, Qyu/MZC 687H, Qyu/MZC 687I, Qyu/MZC 687J, Qyu/MZC 687K, Qyu/MZC 687L
Finland XFC AATK513

June 12, 2022

Denmark D 2021-059, D 2021-148
France FC JM 1935A, FC JM 1935B, FC JM 1935C, FC JM 1935D, FC JM 1939B, FC JM 1948A, FC JM 1948B, FC JM 1957A, FC JM 1957B, FC JM 2086A, FC JM 2086B, FC JM 2086C, FC JM 2086D, FC JM 2087A, FC JM 2087B, FC JM 2087C, FC JM 2087D, FC JM 2087E, FC JM 2091A, FC JM 2091B, FC JM 2091C, FC JM 2091D, FC JM 2091E, FC JM 2241A, FC JM 2241B, FC JM 2241C, FC JM 2241D, FC JM 2241E, FC JM 2241F, FC JM 2241G, FC JM 2241H, FC JM 2241I, FC JM 2244A, FC JM 2244B, FC JM 2244C, FC JM 2244D, FC JM 2244E, FC JM 2244F, FC JM 2244G, FC JM 2244H
Italy IC ADP 1, IC ADP 1C, IC PM 502, IC PM 503
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qdk/AA2022-24A, Qdk/AA2022-24B, Qit/ADP 1A, Qit/ADP 1B, Qit/ADP 1C, Qit/ADP 1D, Qit/ADP 1E, Qit/ADP 1F, Qit/ADP 1G, Qit/ADP 1H, Qit/ADP 1I, Qit/ADP 1J, Qit/PM 502A, Qit/PM 503A, Qyu/MZC 686a, Qyu/MZC 686b

June 11, 2022

France F JM 1720-1, F JM 1961-1, FC JM 621A, FC JM 621B, FC JM 622A, FC JM 624A, FC JM 624B, FC JM 628A, FC JM 628B, FC JM 628C, FC JM 629A, FC JM 629B, FC JM 1880A, FC JM 1880B, FC JM 1880C, FC JM 1884A, FC JM 1884B, FC JM 1884C, FC JM 1884D, FC JM 1884E, FC JM 1884F, FC JM 1884G, FC JM 1884H, FC JM 1885B, FC JM 1885C, FC JM 1889A, FC JM 1889B, FC JM 1889C, FC JM 1954A, FC JM 1954B, FC JM 1954C, FC JM 1954D, FC JM 1954E, FC JM 1959A, FC JM 1959B, FC JM 1961A, FC JM 1961B, FC JM 1961C, FC JM 1971A, FC JM 1971B, FC JM 1971C, FC JM 1971D, FC JM 1971E, FC JM 1976A, FC JM 1976B, FC JM 1976C, FC JM 1976D, FC JM 1976E, FC JM 1976F, FC JM 2050A, FC JM 2179A, FC JM 2179B, FC JM 2179C, FC JM 2179D, FC JM 2179E, FC JM 2179F, FC JM 2179G, FC JM 2179H, FC JM 2179I, FC MJ 109A, FC MJ 109B, FC MJ 109C, FC MJ 109D, FC MJ 109E, FC MJ 109F, FC MP 369, FC W 254
Posters and other promotional material PRTD SC 12-1
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qit/GCFG 7A, Qit/GCFG 7B, Qit/GCFG 8A, Qit/GCFG 8B

June 10, 2022

France FC JM 611A, FC JM 611B, FC JM 614A, FC JM 614B, FC JM 615A, FC JM 617A, FC JM 618A, FC JM 619A, FC JM 619B, FC JM 2005A, FC JM 2005B, FC JM 2005C, FC JM 2005D, FC JM 2005E, FC JM 2006A, FC JM 2006B, FC JM 2006C, FC JM 2006D, FC JM 2006E, FC JM 2006F, FC JM 2006G, FC JM 2006H, FC JM 2012A, FC JM 2012B, FC JM 2012C, FC JM 2012D, FC JM 2012E, FC JM 2012F, FC JM 2012G, FC JM 2369A, FC JM 2369B, FC JM 2369C, FC JM 2369D, FC JM 2369E, FC JM 2369F, FC JM 3652
Posters and other promotional material PRTD COD 5-2, PRTD COD 5-3, PRTD COD 20, PRTD HHAH 2-2, PRTD MI 1, PRTD MI 2-3, PRTD MI 4-1, PRTD MI 4-2, PRTD MI 4-3, PRTD MI 8-1, PRTD SC 2-1, PRTD SC 2-4, PRTD SC 13-3
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qyu/MZC 685, Qyu/MZC 710a, Qyu/MZC 710b

June 9, 2022

France FC JM 1803C, FC JM 1803D, FC JM 2045A, FC JM 2045B, FC JM 2045C, FC JM 2045D, FC JM 2048A, FC JM 2048B, FC JM 2048C, FC JM 2048D, FC JM 2049A, FC JM 2049B, FC JM 2049C, FC JM 2049D, FC JM 2049E
Holland HC DD2022-21, HC DD2022-21Z, HC DD2022-22, HC DD2022-22M, HC DD2022-22W, HC DD2022-22Z, HC DE2022-07, HC DE2022-07K, HC EDE2022-06, HC KA2022-05, HC KA2022-06
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qpl/KSKD1999A, Quk/DAMA1975A, Quk/DAMA1975B
Greece Xgr/MIK 317

June 8, 2022

France FC MPO 80Z, FC MPO 83Z, FC MPO 84Z, FC MPO 85Z, FC MPO 87Z, FC MPO 88Z, FC MPO 89Z
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/MPO 80A, Qfr/MPO 83A, Qfr/MPO 84A, Qfr/MPO 85A, Qfr/MPO 86A, Qfr/MPO 87A, Qfr/MPO 88A, Qfr/MPO 89A

June 7, 2022

Denmark D 2021-059, D 2021-104, D 2021-148, D 28247
France FC MPO 76A, FC MPO 76B, FC MPO 76C, FC MPO 76D, FC MPO 76E, FC MPO 76F, FC MPO 76G, FC MPO 76H, FC MPO 76I, FC MPO 76J, FC MPO 76K, FC MPO 80C, FC MPO 80D, FC MPO 80E, FC MPO 81C, FC MPO 81D, FC MPO 81E, FC MPO 81F, FC MPO 81Z
Holland HC TENT 5
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AA2022-23A, Qfr/MPO 81A, Qyu/MZC 683
Finland XFC AA2022-23

June 6, 2022

France F MJ 16-3, FC JM 2059A, FC JM 2059B, FC JM 2059C, FC JM 2059D, FC JM 2067A, FC JM 2067B, FC JM 2067C, FC JM 2067D, FC MJ 12C
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qde/MM2022-13

June 5, 2022

Denmark D 2006-025, D 2006-190, D 2021-019, D 2021-020, D 2021-021, D 2021-062, D 2021-071, D 2021-084, D 2021-091, D 2021-121, D 2021-127, D 2021-128, D 2021-131, D 2021-149, D 2021-150, D 2021-158, D 2021-167, D 2021-168, D 28347
France F MJ 14-2, FC JM 3651, FC MPO 77Z
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qdk/AA2022-23A, Qdk/AA2022-23B, Qit/DSBP 11A, Qit/DSBP 11B, Qit/DSBP 11C, Qit/DSBP 11D, Qit/DSBP 11E, Qit/DSBP 11F, Qit/DSBP 11G, Qit/DSBP 11H, Qit/DSBP 11I, Qit/DSBP 11J, Qyu/MZC 679

June 4, 2022

Denmark D 28203
France F MJ 18-2, F MJ 18-3, FC MJ 12A, FC MJ 12B, FC MJ 12D, FC MJ 13A, FC MJ 13B, FC MJ 13C, FC MJ 13D, FC MJ 13E, FC MJ 14B, FC MJ 14C, FC MJ 14D, FC MJ 14E, FC MJ 15A, FC MJ 17A, FC MJ 17B, FC MJ 17C, FC MJ 17D, FC MJ 17E, FC MJ 18A, FC MJ 18B, FC MJ 18C, FC MJ 18D, FC MJ 19A, FC MJ 19B, FC MJ 19C, FC MJ 19D, FC MJ 20A, FC MJ 20B, FC MJ 20C, FC MP 66A, FC MP 66B, FC MP 66C, FC MP 66D, FC MP 66E, FC MP 66F, FC MP 66G, FC MP 67A, FC MP 67B, FC MP 67C, FC MP 67D, FC MP 67E, FC MP 67F, FC MPO 71A, FC MPO 71B, FC MPO 71C, FC MPO 71D, FC MPO 71E, FC MPO 71F, FC MPO 71G, FC MPO 71H, FC MPO 71I, FC MPO 71J, FC MPO 71K, FC MPO 73A, FC MPO 73B, FC MPO 73C, FC MPO 73D, FC MPO 73E, FC MPO 73F, FC MPO 73G, FC MPO 77A, FC MPO 77C, FC MPO 77D, FC MPO 77E, FC MPO 77F, FC MPO 77G, FC MPO 77H, FC MPO 77I, FC MPO 77J, FC MPO 78A, FC MPO 78B, FC MPO 78C, FC MPO 78D, FC MPO 78E, FC MPO 79A, FC MPO 79B, FC MPO 79C, FC MPO 79D, FC MPO 79E, FC MPO 79F, FC MPO 79G, FC MPO 79H, FC MPO 79I, FC MPO 79J
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/MJ 12A, Qfr/MJ 13A, Qfr/MJ 15A
USA (miscellaneous) XUD WABO 41

June 3, 2022

Italy I TL 3471-00, I TL 3471-01, I TL 3471-1P, I TL 3471-2, I TL 3471-3, I TL 3471-4, I TL 3471-5, IC TL 3471, IC TL 3471C, IC TL 3471D
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qit/TL 3471C, Qit/TL 3471D, Qit/TL 3471E, Qit/TL 3471F, Qit/TL 3471J, Qit/TL 3471P, Qyu/MZC 677
Chile Xcl/DIS 583, Xcl/DIS 586, Xcl/DIS 589, Xcl/DIS 630, Xcl/TB 219, Xcl/TB 287

June 2, 2022

France FC JM 2071A, FC JM 2071B, FC JM 2071C, FC JM 2071D, FC PAN 5
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qde/TGDD 421, Qyu/MZC 676, Qyu/MZC 774a, Qyu/MZC 774b, Qyu/MZC 774c, Qyu/MZC 774d
Sweden XS KA1967-36

June 1, 2022

France FC DBG 15, FC PS 10
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/KL 96B, Qit/TM 73C, Qpl/PKR 2282, Qyu/MZC 675
Disney comics producers

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