Chronological list of indexed stories

October 18, 2021

Posters and other promotional material PRTD COD 6-3, PRTD SS 9-2
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/KX 238E

October 17, 2021

Denmark D PRE 10003, D PRE 10004, D PRE 10005, D PRE 10006, D PRE 10007, D PRE 10009, D PRE 10011, D PRE 10012, D PRE 10013, D PRE 10015, D PRE 11219, D PRE 11308, D PRE 21635, D PRE 21635b, D PRE 21637, D PRE 21639, D PRE 21643, D PRE 21840, D PRE 21853, D PRE 21856
France FC MP 63H, FC MPHSG 1, FC MPHSG 2, FC MPHSG 3, FC MPP 1091A
Posters and other promotional material PR 10-B, PRTD COD 12-2, PRTD SC 20-4, PRTD SC 27-2, PRTD SC 27-4
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/KX 122D, Qgr/KX 122E, Qgr/KX 124D, Qgr/KX 239A, Qgr/KX 239C, Qgr/KX 240A, Qgr/KX 240C, Qgr/KX 242CA, Qgr/KX 242D, Qgr/KX 242E, Qgr/KX 243C, Qgr/KX 243D, Qgr/KX 248E, Qgr/KX 248F, Qgr/KX 253F, Qgr/KX 253G, Qgr/KX 253H
Egypt Xeg/SM 424

October 16, 2021

France F JM 21013, F JM 21706, FC JM 3618
Holland HC DD2021-42, HC DD2021-42Z, HC DDCL 9, HC DUP 80, HC KA2021-11, HC KA2021-11A
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qdk/AA2021B29C, Qdk/AA2021B29D, Qdk/AA2021B37F, Qdk/HEDL 3A, Qfr/JM 3618A, Qfr/JM 3618B, Qgr/DXR 161A, Qgr/KX 103E, Qgr/KX 103F, Qgr/KX 106D, Qgr/KX 106E, Qgr/KX 114AB, Qgr/KX 116AB, Qgr/KX 117AB, Qgr/KX 118C, Qgr/KX 118D, Qgr/KX 120AB, Qgr/KX 121AA, Qgr/KX 123C, Qgr/KX 125F, Qgr/KX 125G, Qgr/KX 141G, Qgr/KX 141H, Qgr/KX 146A, Qgr/KX 146B, Qgr/KX 149, Qnl/DDCL 9A
Egypt Xeg/SM 219, Xeg/SM 239, Xeg/SM 260, Xeg/SM 263, Xeg/SM 361, Xeg/SM 447, Xeg/SM 625, Xeg/SM 639, Xeg/SM 767
Spain Xes/DB1 27F
Greece Xgr/DXR 161A, Xgr/DXR 161B

October 15, 2021

France FC JM 496A, FC JM 498A, FC JM 499A, FC JM 499B, FC JMMP 21
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qde/MM2021-22, Qdk/HEDL 2C, Qdk/HEDL 2D, Qdk/HEDL 2E, Qdk/HEDL 2F, Qdk/HEDL 2G, Qdk/HEDL 2H, Qdk/HEDL 2I, Qdk/HEDL 2J, Qdk/HEDL 2K, Qdk/HEDL 2L, Qdk/HEDL 2M, Qdk/HEDL 2N, Qdk/HEDL 2O, Qdk/HEDL 2P, Qdk/HEDL 2Q, Qgr/PT 2A, Qgr/PT 2AB, Qgr/PT 2AC, Qgr/PT 2AD, Qgr/PT 2AE, Qgr/PT 2AF, Qgr/PT 2AG, Qgr/PT 2AH, Qgr/PT 2AI, Qgr/PT 2AJ, Qgr/PT 2AK, Qgr/PT 2AL, Qgr/PT 2B, Qgr/PT 2C, Qgr/PT 2D, Qgr/PT 2E, Qgr/PT 2F, Qgr/PT 2G, Qgr/PT 2H, Qgr/PT 2I, Qgr/PT 2J, Qgr/PT 2K, Qgr/PT 2L, Qgr/PT 2M, Qgr/PT 2N, Qgr/PT 2O, Qgr/PT 2P, Qgr/PT 2Q, Qgr/PT 2R, Qgr/PT 2S, Qgr/PT 2T, Qgr/PT 2U, Qgr/PT 2V, Qgr/PT 2X, Qgr/PT 2Y, Qgr/PT 2Z, Qit/CALE 17A, Qit/CALE 17B, Qit/CALE 17C, Qit/CALE 17D
Egypt Xeg/SM 386

October 14, 2021

France FC JM 437A, FC JM 437B, FC JM 450A, FC JM 450B, FC JM 450C, FC JM 470A, FC JM 470B, FC JM 470C, FC JM 480A, FC JM 480B, FC JM 480C, FC JM 490A
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AA2021-41A, Qfr/MPHS 17A, Qgr/ALM 190A, Qgr/KX 298E
Greece Xgr/DIE 2A

October 13, 2021

Brazil B EE 180-T0, B EE 180-T1, B EE 180-T2, B EE 180-T3
France FC JM 435A, FC JM 435B, FC JM 435C, FC JM 436A, FC JM 436B, FC JM 438A, FC JM 438B, FC JM 439A, FC JM 439B, FC JM 500A, FC JM 500B, FC JM 501A, FC JM 501B, FC JM 501C, FC JM 502A, FC JM 502B, FC JM 503A, FC JM 503B, FC JM 504A, FC JM 504B
Posters and other promotional material PRTD COD 24-2, PRTD COD 25-2, PRTD COD 26-2
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/DIE 1A, Qgr/DIE 6A
Chile Xcl/AWD 92, Xcl/AWD 92A, Xcl/AWD 93, Xcl/AWD 93A, Xcl/AWD 94, Xcl/AWD 94A, Xcl/AWD 94B, Xcl/AWD 94C, Xcl/AWD 95, Xcl/AWD 95A, Xcl/AWD 95B, Xcl/AWD 95C, Xcl/AWD 98, Xcl/AWD 98A, Xcl/AWD 98B, Xcl/AWD 99, Xcl/AWD 99A, Xcl/AWD 99B, Xcl/AWD 99C, Xcl/AWD100, Xcl/AWD100A, Xcl/AWD100B, Xcl/AWD101, Xcl/AWD101A, Xcl/AWD101B, Xcl/AWD101C, Xcl/AWD112, Xcl/AWD112A, Xcl/AWD112B, Xcl/AWD112C, Xcl/AWD113, Xcl/AWD113A, Xcl/AWD113B, Xcl/AWD113C, Xcl/AWD118, Xcl/AWD118A, Xcl/AWD118B, Xcl/AWD118C, Xcl/AWD119, Xcl/AWD119A, Xcl/AWD119B, Xcl/AWD119C, Xcl/AWD120, Xcl/AWD120A, Xcl/AWD120B, Xcl/AWD120C, Xcl/AWD122, Xcl/AWD122A, Xcl/AWD122B, Xcl/AWD122C, Xcl/AWD126, Xcl/AWD126A, Xcl/AWD126B, Xcl/AWD126C, Xcl/AWD127, Xcl/AWD127A, Xcl/AWD127B, Xcl/AWD127C, Xcl/AWD144, Xcl/AWD144A, Xcl/AWD148, Xcl/AWD148A, Xcl/AWD148B, Xcl/AWD151, Xcl/AWD151A, Xcl/AWD151B, Xcl/AWD158, Xcl/AWD158a, Xcl/AWD158b, Xcl/AWD163, Xcl/AWD163A, Xcl/AWD163B, Xcl/AWD166, Xcl/AWD166A, Xcl/AWD166B, Xcl/AWD167, Xcl/AWD167A, Xcl/AWD167B, Xcl/AWD174, Xcl/AWD174A, Xcl/AWD174B, Xcl/AWD179, Xcl/AWD179A, Xcl/AWD179B, Xcl/AWD180, Xcl/AWD180A, Xcl/AWD180B, Xcl/AWD182, Xcl/AWD182A, Xcl/AWD183
Egypt Xeg/SM 654
Greece Xgr/DIE 3A, Xgr/DIE 4A, Xgr/DIE 7A, Xgr/DIE 8A, Xgr/DIE 9A, Xgr/DIE 10A, Xgr/DIE 11A, Xgr/DIE 12A, Xgr/DIE 13A, Xgr/DIE 14A, Xgr/DIE 15A, Xgr/DIE 16A, Xgr/DIE 17A, Xgr/DIE 18A, Xgr/DIE 19A, Xgr/DIE 20A, Xgr/DIE 21A, Xgr/DIE 22A, Xgr/DIE 23A, Xgr/DIE 24A

October 12, 2021

France FC JM 430A, FC JM 430B, FC JM 430C, FC JM 430D, FC JM 431A, FC JM 432A, FC JM 432B, FC JM 433A, FC JM 433B, FC JM 434A, FC JM 2388, FC SPG 226A, FC SPG 226B, FC SPG 226C
Posters and other promotional material PRTD COD 4-2, PRTD COD 4-3, PRTD COD 4-4, PRTD COD 6-1, PRTD COD 10-1, PRTD COD 11-1, PRTD COD 11-2, PRTD COD 13-1, PRTD COD 13-3, PRTD COD 14-2, PRTD COD 14-3, PRTD COD 15-1, PRTD COD 15-2, PRTD COD 17-1, PRTD COD 17-2, PRTD COD 18-1, PRTD COD 18-2, PRTD COD 19, PRTD DFY 1-2, PRTD DFY 1-3, PRTD DFY 2-1, PRTD DFY 2-3, PRTD DFY 3-1, PRTD DFY 3-2, PRTD DFY 3-3, PRTD DFY 3-4, PRTD DFY 4-2, PRTD DFY 4-3, PRTD DFY 5-1, PRTD DFY 7-1, PRTD DFY 7-2, PRTD DFY 8-1, PRTD DFY 8-2, PRTD DFY 9-1, PRTD DFY 9-2, PRTD DFY 11-1, PRTD DFY 11-2, PRTD DFY 12, PRTD HHAH 1-1, PRTD HHAH 2-1, PRTD HHAH 3-2, PRTD HHAH 5, PRTD HHAH 6-1, PRTD HHAH 6-2, PRTD HHAH 7-1, PRTD HHAH 7-2, PRTD HHAH 8-1, PRTD HHAH 9-2, PRTD HHAH 10-1, PRTD HHAH 10-2, PRTD HHAH 11-1, PRTD HHAH 11-2, PRTD HHAH 13-1, PRTD HHAH 13-2, PRTD HHAH 14, PRTD HHAH 15, PRTD HHAH 16, PRTD HHAH 17, PRTD LOGO, PRTD MI 2-2, PRTD MI 3-1, PRTD MI 3-2, PRTD MI 3-4, PRTD MI 9-2, PRTD MI 10-2, PRTD MI 11-1, PRTD MI 11-2, PRTD MI 14-2, PRTD MI 17, PRTD MI 18, PRTD MI 19, PRTD SC 1-5, PRTD SC 2-2, PRTD SC 2-5, PRTD SC 3-2, PRTD SC 3-3, PRTD SC 3-5, PRTD SC 4-5, PRTD SC 9-1, PRTD SC 9-2, PRTD SC 9-3, PRTD SC 9-4, PRTD SC 10-2, PRTD SC 12-2, PRTD SC 14-1, PRTD SC 15, PRTD SC 16, PRTD SC 17, PRTD SC 19-4, PRTD SC 20-3, PRTD SC 21-2, PRTD SC 21-3, PRTD SC 21-4, PRTD SC 21-5, PRTD SC 23-1, PRTD SC 23-2, PRTD SC 23-3, PRTD SC 23-4, PRTD SC 23-5, PRTD SC 24-3, PRTD SC 24-4, PRTD SC 25-3, PRTD SC 25-5, PRTD SC 26-1, PRTD SC 27-1, PRTD SC 27-3, PRTD SC 28-1, PRTD SC 28-2, PRTD SC 28-4, PRTD SC FP, PRTD SS 1-2, PRTD SS 2-2, PRTD SS 5-1, PRTD SS 5-2, PRTD SS 6, PRTD SS 7-1, PRTD SS 7-2, PRTD SS 8, PRTD SS 9-1, PRTD SS 10-1, PRTD SS 11-1, PRTD SS 11-2, PRTD SS 15, PRTD SS 16, PRTD SS 17, PRTD SS 18, PRTD SS 20, PRTD SS 21, PRTD SS FP
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/SPG 226A, Qfr/SPG 226B, Qfr/SPG 226C, Qfr/SPG 226D, Qgr/DXR 160A, Qgr/PT 16D, Qgr/PT 16RA
Australia Xau/DS 70, Xau/DS 75
Egypt Xeg/SM 209A, Xeg/SM 218, Xeg/SM 218A, Xeg/SM 365A
Greece Xgr/DXR 160A, Xgr/DXR 160B

October 11, 2021

Denmark D/SAN 2021-013
Holland HC DD2021-40, HC DD2021-40M, HC DD2021-41, HC DD2021-41S, HC PO3 318
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/KX 188A, Qgr/KX 233, Qgr/KX 234, Qgr/KX 237C
Egypt Xeg/SM 209, Xeg/SM 511, Xeg/SM 511A, Xeg/SM 802, Xeg/SM 802A, Xeg/SM 815
Finland XFC AATK505

October 10, 2021

Italy IC TL 3138C, IC TL 3138D, IC TL 3138E, IC TL 3138F, IC TL 3138G
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/MMB 10A, Qit/TL 3138A, Qit/TL 3138B
Egypt Xeg/SM 245, Xeg/SM 245A, Xeg/SM 245B, Xeg/SM 618A, Xeg/SM 757A

October 9, 2021

Brazil BC PD 1132
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/KX 221A, Qgr/KX 221B, Qgr/KX 221C, Qit/TXTR 4A, Qit/TXTR 4B, Qit/TXTR 4C, Qit/TXTR 4D, Qit/TXTR 4E, Qit/TXTR 4F
Chile Xcl/AWD 71, Xcl/AWD 71A, Xcl/AWD 71B, Xcl/AWD 71V, Xcl/AWD 91, Xcl/AWD 91A, Xcl/AWD132, Xcl/AWD132A, Xcl/AWD132B, Xcl/AWD140, Xcl/AWD140A, Xcl/AWD140B, Xcl/AWD157
Egypt Xeg/SM 231, Xeg/SM 231A, Xeg/SM 373, Xeg/SM 701, Xeg/SM 702, Xeg/SM 704, Xeg/SM 713, Xeg/SM 744A, Xeg/SM 751, Xeg/SM 752, Xeg/SM 754, Xeg/SM 755, Xeg/SM 1054

October 8, 2021

Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qdk/DRSV 8A, Qdk/HEDL 2A, Qdk/HEDL 2B, Qdk/HEDL 3C, Qdk/HEDL 3D, Qdk/HEDL 3E, Qgr/ALM 192A, Qgr/KX 220A, Qgr/KX 220B, Qgr/KX 220C, Qgr/KX 222F, Qgr/KX 223A, Qgr/KX 223B, Qgr/KX 223C, Qgr/KX 229C, Qgr/KX 229D, Qgr/KX 229DA, Qgr/KX 229E, Qgr/KX 230C, Qgr/KX 230D, Qgr/KX 230E, Qgr/KX 231A, Qgr/KX 231B, Qgr/KX 231E, Qgr/KX 231EC
Egypt Xeg/SM 348, Xeg/SM 405, Xeg/SM 457, Xeg/SM 759A, Xeg/SM 777, Xeg/SM 1056, Xeg/SM 1056A, Xeg/SM 1056B, Xeg/SM 1058

October 7, 2021

Denmark D/SAN 2021-012
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AA2021-40B, Qit/CALE 18A, Qit/CALE 18B, Qit/CALE 18C, Qit/CALE 18D, Qit/CALE 18E, Quk/DAM 130D, Qus/WDC 604E, Qus/WDC 605D, Qus/WDC 605E, Qus/WDC 619D
Egypt Xeg/SM 520, Xeg/SM 613A, Xeg/SM 613B
Finland XFC AA2021-40B

October 6, 2021

France FC JM 3616-17
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qus/WDC 603E, Qus/WDC 603F, Qus/WDC 603G, Qus/WDC 604C, Qus/WDC 604D, Qus/WDC 604H
Egypt Xeg/SM 201, Xeg/SM 206A, Xeg/SM 753, Xeg/SM 753A, Xeg/SM 764

October 5, 2021

Holland HD 2021-130
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qus/WDC 601A, Qus/WDC 601C, Qus/WDC 601D, Qus/WDC 601E, Qus/WDC 601F, Qus/WDC 601G, Qus/WDC 602A, Qus/WDC 602C
United Kingdom U MMW 631CA
Egypt Xeg/SM 203A, Xeg/SM 804A

October 4, 2021

Brazil B GADCL 11-T0, BCL 2021-009a
Disney Europe E GN 96-06
Italy I PPK 58-1, IC PM 496, IC PPK 58, IC TGLD 4, IC TGLD 4C, IC TGLD 4D, IC TGLD 4E, IC TGLD 4F, IC TL 3429D, IC TXTR 3, IC TXTR 3C
Marvel M DCH 10-A
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qit/TGLD 4A, Qit/TGLD 4B, Qit/TGLD 4C, Qit/TGLD 4D, Qit/TGLD 4E, Qit/TGLD 4F, Qit/TXTR 3A, Qit/TXTR 3B, Qit/TXTR 3C, Qit/TXTR 3D, Qit/TXTR 3E, Qit/TXTR 3F, Qit/TXTR 3G
Egypt Xeg/SM 134, Xeg/SM 203, Xeg/SM 238, Xeg/SM 365, Xeg/SM 379, Xeg/SM 521

October 3, 2021

Italy I TL 3268-00, I TL 3268-01, I TL 3268-2, I TL 3268-3, I TL 3268-4, I TL 3268-5, I TL 3268-S1
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qch/BDP 1B, Qch/BDP 1C, Qch/BDP 1D, Qch/BDP 1E, Qch/BDP 1F, Qfr/MP 295J, Qfr/MP 295K, Qfr/MP 295L, Qfr/MP 295M, Qfr/MP 295N, Qfr/MP 295O, Qfr/MP 295P, Qfr/MP 295Q, Qfr/MP 295R, Qfr/MP 295S
Other Xch/MMZ 0
Egypt Xeg/SM 126, Xeg/SM 132, Xeg/SM 157, Xeg/SM 158, Xeg/SM 165, Xeg/SM 171, Xeg/SM 173, Xeg/SM 177, Xeg/SM 180, Xeg/SM 184, Xeg/SM 186, Xeg/SM 191, Xeg/SM 192, Xeg/SM 193, Xeg/SM 194, Xeg/SM 195, Xeg/SM 196, Xeg/SM 197, Xeg/SM 198, Xeg/SM 199
Greece Xgr/ALM 55, Xgr/DXR 158B

October 2, 2021

France FC MP 115D, FC MPP 990A, FC MPP 1029A
Italy IC PMGM 18
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qch/BDP 1A, Qde/MM2021-21, Qgr/DXR 158A, Qgr/DXR 159A, Qgr/MM 1085B
Greece Xgr/DXR 158A, Xgr/DXR 159A, Xgr/DXR 159B

October 1, 2021

France FC MP 343
Italy IC CWD 44E
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qde/TGDD 413, Qgr/KXB 87A, Qse/FJVL 1a, Qse/LEAV 4a
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