Chronological list of indexed stories

September 16, 2019

Brazil B MK 522-T0, B PAS9604, B PD 1926-T0, B PD 1932-T0, B PD 1956-T0, B PD 1957-T0, B PD 1987-T0, B PTGT 1-CG, B PTGT 1-FP, B PTGT 1-IL
Denmark D/SAN 2012-042, D/SAN 2016-001
France F JM 19027, F MJ 6-1, FC JM 3509
Posters and other promotional material PMF 56-B, PMS 1950-003A
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/MIN 6A, Qgr/MIN 6B, Qgr/MIN 6C, Qgr/MIN 6D, Qgr/MIN 6E, Qgr/MIN 6F, Qgr/MIN 6G, Qgr/MM 53BA

September 15, 2019

Posters and other promotional material PMS 1944-003A
Greece Xgr/MID 25A

September 14, 2019

Italy IC CALE 12, IC CNC 266, IC CNC 352
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/DXR 51A, Qgr/DXR 52A, Qgr/MIK 200BA, Qgr/MIK 200BB, Qit/CALE 11D, Qit/CALE 12A, Qit/CALE 12B, Qit/CALE 12C, Qit/CALE 12D, Qit/PKOM 3A, Qit/PKOM 3B, Qno/SH2019-5
Greece Xgr/DXR 51A, Xgr/DXR 51B, Xgr/DXR 52A, Xgr/DXR 52B

September 12, 2019

Holland HC DD2019-38Z
Italy IC MEDB 0A
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AA2019X37A, Qfi/AA2019X37B, Qfi/AA2019X37C, Qfi/AA2019X37D, Qfi/AA2019X37E, Qfi/AA2019X37F, Qfi/AA2019X37G, Qfi/AA2019X37H, Qfi/AA2019X37I, Qfi/AA2019X37J, Qfi/AA2019X37K, Qfi/AA2019X37L, Qfi/AA2019X37M, Qfi/AA2019X37N, Qfi/AA2019X37O, Qfi/AA2019X37P, Qfi/AA2019X37Q, Qfi/AA2019X37R, Qgr/MM 38D
Finland XFC AA2019X37C, XFC AA2019X37D, XFC AA2019X37E, XFC AA2019X37F, XFC AA2019X37G, XFC AA2019X37H, XFC AA2019X37I, XFC AA2019X37J, XFC AA2019X37K, XFC AA2019X37L, XFC AA2019X37M, XFC AA2019X37N, XFC AA2019X37O, XFC AA2019X37P, XFC AA2019X37Q

September 11, 2019

Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/MM 9BA, Qgr/MM 20CA, Qgr/MM 46CA, Qgr/MM 46F, Qgr/MM 93AB, Qgr/MM 93AC

September 10, 2019

Italy IC ILPA 98
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/MIK 163A, Qgr/MIK 163B, Qgr/MIK 163C, Qit/ILPA 98B, Qit/ILPA 98C, Qit/ILPA 98D, Qit/ILPA 98E, Qit/ILPA 98F

September 9, 2019

France F JM 19026, FC JM 3508
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/MIN 7A, Qgr/MIN 7B, Qgr/MIN 7C, Qgr/MIN 7D, Qgr/MIN 7E, Qgr/MIN 7F, Qgr/MIN 7G
Finland XFC AATK480

September 8, 2019

Italy I PPK 33-1, IC PPK 33
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/MIN 4A, Qgr/MIN 4B, Qgr/MIN 4C, Qgr/MIN 4D, Qgr/MIN 4E, Qgr/MIN 4F, Qit/PKOM 2B
Greece Xgr/MID 24A

September 7, 2019

Italy IC ZNA 1, IC ZNA 1C, IC ZNA 1D
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/KX 208A, Qit/PKOM 2A

September 6, 2019

Brazil B PAS9602
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/MIN 3A, Qgr/MIN 3B, Qgr/MIN 3C, Qgr/MIN 3D, Qgr/MIN 3E, Qit/PAPS 4B, Qit/PAPS 4C

September 5, 2019

Holland HC DD2019-37S, HC DD2019X37, HC DD2019X37A, HC DD2019X37B, HC DD2019X37E, HC DD2019X37P, HC DD2019X37S, HC EDS2019-06A
Italy IC PAPS 4
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AA2019-36A, Qgr/MM 1AB, Qit/PAPS 4A

September 4, 2019

Italy I TL 3188-1P, I TL 3189-1P, I TL 3189-3, I TL 3192-1P, I TL 3328-00, I TL 3328-01, I TL 3328-02, I TL 3328-3, I TL 3328-5
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/MM 404A, Qgr/MM 537B, Qgr/MM 540B

September 3, 2019

Germany GC MMC 51
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qde/TGDD 388, Qgr/KL 92EA
Greece Xgr/MM 1517

September 2, 2019

France F JM 19019, FC JM 3507

September 1, 2019

Italy I PM 471-1, I TL 3185-5, I TL 3327-00, I TL 3327-01, I TL 3327-1P, I TL 3327-2, I TL 3327-4, I TL 3327-5, I TL 3327-6, IC ILPA 92, IC ILPA 95, IC ILPA 95G, IC ILPA 96, IC ILPA 96BA, IC ILPA 96G, IC ILPA 97, IC PM 471, IC TL 3325, IC TL 3325D, IC TL 3325F, IC TL 3325G, IC TL 3325H, IC TL 3326, IC TL 3326D, IC TL 3326F, IC TL 3326G, IC TL 3327
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/MM 223AB, Qit/ILPA 92B, Qit/ILPA 92C, Qit/ILPA 92D, Qit/ILPA 92E, Qit/ILPA 92F, Qit/ILPA 95B, Qit/ILPA 95C, Qit/ILPA 95D, Qit/ILPA 95E, Qit/ILPA 95F, Qit/ILPA 96B, Qit/ILPA 96C, Qit/ILPA 96D, Qit/ILPA 96E, Qit/ILPA 96F, Qit/ILPA 97B, Qit/ILPA 97C, Qit/ILPA 97D, Qit/ILPA 97E, Qit/ILPA 97F, Qit/PKOM 1A, Qit/PKOM 1B, Qit/SATL 6A, Qit/SATL 6B, Qit/SATL 6C, Qit/SATL 21A, Qit/SATL 21B, Qit/SATL 21C, Qit/TL 3325D, Qit/TL 3325J, Qit/TL 3326D, Qit/TL 3326G, Qit/TL 3326I, Qit/TL 3327B, Qit/TL 3327C, Qit/TL 3327E
Greece Xgr/MID 23A
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