Chronological list of indexed stories

April 16, 2024

Holland H 2023-337
Italy IC PM 525, IC PM 526
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qcn/DHYMW 1A, Qcn/PCCH 1A, Qit/PM 525A, Qit/PM 525B, Qit/PM 525C, Qit/PM 526A, Qit/PM 526B, Qit/PM 526C

April 15, 2024

Denmark D 2023-081, D 2023-165
Italy I PKA 5-0, IC ABB1969B, IC ABB1970, IC ABB1970C, IC ABB1979AA, IC ABB1979AB, IC ABB1979BB, IC ABB1979BC, IC ABB1979BE, IC ABB1979BF, IC ABB1979BH, IC ABB1979BJ, IC ABB1979BL, IC ABB1979BN, IC ABB1979BP, IC ABB1984B, IC ABB1984BA, IC ABB1984BB, IC ABB1984BC, IC DMA 103
Disney Comics KJZ1184, KJZ1204, KJZ1205a, Kus/DA17-05B, Kus/DA17-05E
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qit/ABB1969Bab, Qit/ABB1969Ban, Qit/ABB1969Bbf, Qit/ABB1969Bbn, Qit/ABB1969Bbt, Qit/ABB1969Bcf, Qit/ABB1969Bcp, Qit/ABB1979AC, Qit/ABB1979Bd, Qit/ABB1984cb, Qus/DA17-05G
Disney Publishing Worldwide (global) XPW CS GN 1, XPWC CS GN 1-2, XPWC CS GN 1-3, XPWC CS GN 1A, XPWC CS GN 1B

April 14, 2024

Germany GC HD 44B, GC HDSH 2, GC HDSH 3
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qde/ETDD 1A 1, Qde/HD 42A, Qde/HD 42B, Qde/HD 42C, Qde/HD 42D, Qde/HD 42E, Qde/HD 42F, Qde/HD 42G, Qde/HD 42H, Qde/HD 42I, Qde/HD 43D, Qde/HD 43E, Qde/HD 43F, Qde/HD 43G, Qde/HD 43H, Qde/HD 43I, Qde/HD 43J, Qde/HDSH 2A, Qde/HDSH 2B, Qde/HDSH 2C, Qde/HDSH 2D, Qde/HDSH 2E, Qde/HDSH 2F, Qde/HDSH 2G

April 13, 2024

Germany GC HD 42, GC HD 42B, GC HD 43, GC HD 44, GC HD 45, GC HD 45B, GC HD 46, GC HD 47, GC HDSH 4, GC HDSH 5, GC HDSH 7, GC HDSH 12, GC HDSH 12B, GC HDSH 13, GC HDSH 15
Italy IC BZ 1, IC BZ 1C, IC BZ 1D, IC MD 1BA
Disney Comics KN 2690, KN 2690A, Kus/DALM 1B
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qde/HD 39D, Qde/HD 39E, Qde/HD 39F, Qde/HD 43A, Qde/HD 43B, Qde/HD 43C, Qde/HD 44A, Qde/HD 44B, Qde/HD 44C, Qde/HD 44D, Qde/HD 44E, Qde/HD 44F, Qde/HD 44G, Qde/HD 44H, Qde/HD 44I, Qde/HD 45A, Qde/HD 45B, Qde/HD 45C, Qde/HD 45D, Qde/HD 45E, Qde/HD 45F, Qde/HD 45G, Qde/HD 45H, Qde/HD 45I, Qde/HD 45J, Qde/HD 45K, Qde/HD 45L, Qde/HD 45M, Qde/HD 46A, Qde/HD 46B, Qde/HD 46C, Qde/HD 46D, Qde/HD 46E, Qde/HD 46F, Qde/HD 46G, Qde/HD 47A, Qde/HD 47B, Qde/HD 47C, Qde/HD 47D, Qde/HD 47E, Qde/HD 47F, Qde/HDSH 1A, Qde/HDSH 1B, Qde/HDSH 3A, Qde/HDSH 3B, Qde/HDSH 3C, Qde/HDSH 3D, Qde/HDSH 3E, Qde/HDSH 3F, Qde/HDSH 3G, Qde/HDSH 3H, Qde/HDSH 3I, Qde/HDSH 3J, Qde/HDSH 4A, Qde/HDSH 7A, Qde/HDSH 12, Qde/HDSH 13, Qde/HDSH 15, Qde/MM2024-09
USA (miscellaneous) XUC DAA 4

April 12, 2024

Italy I BZ 1-1
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/PM 577D
USA (miscellaneous) XUC DAA 1B, XUC DAA 2B, XUC DAA 4B

April 11, 2024

France FC PM 577A
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/PM 577A, Qfr/PM 577B, Qfr/PM 577C, Qgr/MIK 209F, Qse/KA2024-15

April 10, 2024

Denmark D/SAN 2023-029
Holland HC EDS2024-03, HC EDS2024-03A
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AA2024-15A, Qpl/KD 2024-03

April 9, 2024

France FC DCD 5, FC DCD 6, FC MIE 6, FC SF 8, FC SF 9
Italy IC TC 3b, IC TC 3c, IC TC 3d, IC TC 3e, IC TC 3f, IC TC 3g, IC TC 3h, IC TC 3i, IC TC 3j, IC TC 3k, IC TC 3l, IC TC 3m, IC TC 3n, IC TC 3o, IC TC 3p, IC TC 3q, IC TC 3r, IC TC 3s, IC TC 3t, IC TC 3u, IC TC 3v
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AAJR2014-05A, Qfi/AAJR2014-05B, Qfi/AAJR2014-05C

April 8, 2024

Miscellaneous CS MD 33-1
France FC JMMP 40, FC PAN 5B
Italy IC ATP 15, IC ATP 16, IC ATP 17, IC CSP 13, IC GCDN 91, IC GCDN 92, IC GCDN 93, IC GCDN 94, IC GCDN 95, IC GCDN 96, IC GCDN 97, IC GS 27, IC GS 28, IC GS 29, IC GS 30, IC HC 4, IC HC 4b, IC HC 4c, IC HC 4e, IC HC 4f, IC HC 4g, IC HC 4h, IC HC 5, IC HC 5b, IC HC 5c, IC SPD 101, IC SPD 102b, IC SPD 102c, IC SPD 102d, IC SPD 102e, IC SPD 102f, IC SPD 102g, IC TC 3, IC TC 4, IC TC 4b, IC TC 4c, IC TC 4d, IC TC 4e, IC TC 4f, IC TC 4g, IC TC 4h, IC TC 4i, IC TC 4j, IC TC 4k, IC TC 4l, IC TC 4m, IC TC 4n, IC TC 4o, IC TC 4p, IC TC 4q, IC TC 4r, IC TC 4s, IC TC 4t, IC TC 4u, IC TC 4v, IC ZPP 61, IC ZPP 63, IC ZPP 64, IC ZPP 65, IC ZPP 66
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/PAN 5B, Qfr/SPGHS H1G, Qit/ATP 15A, Qit/ATP 15B, Qit/ATP 15C, Qit/ATP 15D, Qit/ATP 15E, Qit/ATP 15F, Qit/ATP 16A, Qit/ATP 16B, Qit/ATP 16C, Qit/ATP 16D, Qit/ATP 16E, Qit/ATP 16F, Qit/ATP 17A, Qit/ATP 17B, Qit/ATP 17C, Qit/ATP 17D, Qit/ATP 17E, Qit/CSP 13A, Qit/CSP 13B, Qit/CSP 13C, Qit/CSP 13D, Qit/CSP 13E, Qit/CSP 13F, Qit/CSP 13G, Qit/CSP 13H, Qit/DPLA 35B, Qit/GCDN 91A, Qit/GCDN 91B, Qit/GCDN 92A, Qit/GCDN 92B, Qit/GCDN 93A, Qit/GCDN 93B, Qit/GCDN 94A, Qit/GCDN 94B, Qit/GCDN 95A, Qit/GCDN 95B, Qit/GCDN 96A, Qit/GCDN 96B, Qit/GCDN 97A, Qit/GCDN 97B, Qit/GS 27A, Qit/GS 28A, Qit/GS 28B, Qit/GS 28C, Qit/GS 29A, Qit/GS 30A, Qit/GS 30B, Qit/GS 30C, Qit/HC 4A, Qit/HC 4B, Qit/HC 4C, Qit/HC 4D, Qit/HC 5A, Qit/HC 5B, Qit/HC 5C, Qit/SPD 100A, Qit/SPD 100B, Qit/SPD 100C, Qit/SPD 100D, Qit/SPD 100E, Qit/SPD 100F, Qit/SPD 100G, Qit/SPD 100H, Qit/SPD 101A, Qit/SPD 101B, Qit/SPD 101C, Qit/SPD 101D, Qit/SPD 101E, Qit/SPD 102A, Qit/SPD 102B, Qit/SPD 102C, Qit/SPD 102D, Qit/SPD 102E, Qit/SPD 102F, Qit/TC 3A, Qit/TC 3B, Qit/TC 3C, Qit/TC 3D, Qit/TC 4A, Qit/TC 4B, Qit/TC 4C, Qit/ZPP 61A, Qit/ZPP 61B, Qit/ZPP 61C, Qit/ZPP 61D, Qit/ZPP 63A, Qit/ZPP 63B, Qit/ZPP 63C, Qit/ZPP 64A, Qit/ZPP 64B, Qit/ZPP 64C, Qit/ZPP 65A, Qit/ZPP 65B, Qit/ZPP 65C, Qit/ZPP 66A, Qit/ZPP 66B, Qit/ZPP 66C, Qit/ZPP 66D, Qit/ZPP 67A, Qit/ZPP 67B, Qit/ZPP 67C
Disney Publishing Worldwide (global) XPW CP 28-1, XPW CP 28-2, XPW CP 29-1, XPW CP 29-2, XPW CP 30-1, XPW CP 30-2, XPW CP 31-1, XPW CP 31-2, XPW CP 32-1, XPW CP 32-2, XPW CP 33-1, XPW CP 33-2, XPW CP 34-1, XPW CP 34-2, XPW CP 35-1, XPW CP 35-2, XPW CP 36-1, XPW CP 36-2, XPW CP 37-1, XPW CP 37-2, XPW CP 38-1, XPW CP 38-2, XPW CP 39-1, XPW CP 39-2, XPW CP 40-1, XPW CP 40-2, XPW CP 41-1, XPW CP 41-2, XPW CP 41-3, XPW CP 41-4, XPW DP CP 1-01, XPW DP CP 1-02, XPW DP CP 1-03, XPW DP CP 1-04, XPW DP CP 1-05, XPW DP CP 1-06, XPW DP CP 1-07, XPW DP CP 1-08, XPW DP CP 1-09, XPW DP CP 1-10, XPW DP CP 1-11, XPW DP CP 1-12, XPW DP CP 1-13, XPW DP CP 1-14, XPW DP CP 1-15, XPW DP CP 1-16, XPW DP CP 1-17, XPW DP CP 1-18, XPW DP CP 1-19, XPW DP CP 1-20, XPW DP CP 1-21, XPW DP CP 1-22, XPW DP CP 1-23, XPW DP CP 1-24, XPW DP CP 1-25, XPW DP CP 1-26, XPW DP CP 1-27

April 7, 2024

Denmark D 2023-079, D 2023-144, D 2023-170, D 28593, D 28666
France FC JMMP 36
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qhr/MMH2024-01

April 6, 2024

France FC JM 3746-47, FC JM 3746-47A, FC JMMP 37, FC SPGHS H1
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qdk/AA2024-14B, Qfr/JM 3746-47, Qfr/SPGHS H1A, Qfr/SPGHS H1B, Qfr/SPGHS H1C, Qfr/SPGHS H1D, Qfr/SPGHS H1E, Qfr/SPGHS H1F, Qse/DSAE 5A

April 5, 2024

Germany GC HD 38B
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qde/HD 37, Qde/HD 37A, Qde/HD 37B, Qde/HD 37C, Qde/HD 37D, Qde/HD 37E, Qde/HD 38, Qde/HD 38A, Qde/HD 38B, Qde/HD 38C, Qde/HD 38D, Qde/HD 38E, Qde/HD 38F, Qde/HD 39, Qde/HD 39A, Qde/HD 39B, Qde/HD 39C
Spain Xes/AM 6B

April 4, 2024

Holland H 2024-001, H 2024-002, H 2024-003, H 2024-004, H 2024-005, H 2024-006, H 2024-007, H 2024-008, H 2024-009, H 2024-010, H 2024-011, H 2024-012, H 2024-013, H 2024-014, H 2024-015, H 2024-016, H 2024-017, H 2024-018, H 2024-019, H 2024-020, H 2024-021, H 2024-022, H 2024-023, H 2024-024, H 2024-025, H 2024-026, H 2024-027, H 2024-028, H 2024-029, H 2024-030, H 2024-031, H 2024-032, H 2024-033, H 2024-034, H 2024-035, H 2024-036, H 2024-037, H 2024-038, H 2024-039, H 2024-040, H 2024-041, H 2024-042, H 2024-043, H 2024-044, H 2024-045, H 2024-046A, H 2024-046B, H 2024-046C, H 2024-046D, H 2024-046E, H 2024-046F, H 2024-046G, H 2024-047, H 2024-048, H 2024-049, H 2024-050, H 2024-051, H 2024-052, H 2024-053, H 2024-054, H 2024-055, H 2024-056, H 2024-057, H 2024-058, H 2024-059, H 2024-060, H 2024-061, H 2024-062, H 2024-063, H 2024-064, H 2024-065, H 2024-066A, H 2024-066B, H 2024-066C, H 2024-066D, H 2024-066E, H 2024-066F, H 2024-066G, H 2024-067, H 2024-068, H 2024-069, H 2024-070, H 2024-071, H 2024-072, H 2024-073, H 2024-074, H 2024-075, H 2024-076, H 2024-077, H 2024-078, H 2024-079, H 2024-080, H 2024-081, H 2024-082, H 2024-083, H 2024-084, H 2024-085, H 2024-086, H 2024-087, H 2024-088, H 2024-089, H 2024-090, H 2024-091, H 2024-092, H 2024-093, H 2024-094, H 2024-095, H 2024-096, H 2024-097, H 2024-098, H 2024-099, H 2024-100, H 2024-101, H 2024-102, H 2024-103, H 2024-104, H 2024-105, H 2024-106, H 2024-107, H 2024-108, H 2024-109, H 2024-110, H 2024-111, H 2024-112, H 2024-113, H 2024-114, H 2024-115, H 2024-116, H 2024-117, H 2024-118, H 2024-119, H 2024-120, H 2024-121, H 2024-122, H 2024-123, H 2024-124, H 2024-125, H 2024-126, H 2024-127, H 2024-128, H 2024-129, H 2024-130, H 2024-131
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/PAN 4A
Greece Xgr/HMP 93A, Xgr/HMP 93C, Xgr/HMP 93D, Xgr/HMP 93E, Xgr/HMP 93F

April 3, 2024

France FC SPG 241, FC SPG 241A
Germany GC DCN 5
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/SPG 241A, Qfr/SPG 241B, Qfr/SPG 241C, Qfr/SPG 241D, Qfr/SPG 241E, Qrs/MM2024-04, Qse/KA2024-14
USA (miscellaneous) XUC NGDD 1A, XUC NGDD 2A, XUC NGDD 3, XUC NGDD 4

April 2, 2024

France FC SPG 94F
Disney Comics Kus/DA 4-03A
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qus/TDT 10-11B, Qus/TDT 10-11C, Qus/TDT 10-11D, Qus/TDT 10-11E, Qus/TDT 10-11F, Qus/TDT 10-11G, Qus/TDT 10-11H, Qus/TDT 10-11I, Qus/TDT 10-11J

April 1, 2024

France FC ABD 18A, FC ABD 18B
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qcn/MC2007-21A, Qit/DSE 43A, Qit/DSE 43B, Qit/DSE 43C, Qit/DSE 43D, Qit/DSE 43E, Qit/DSE 43F, Qnl/LVWE 1
USA (miscellaneous) XUC DMF 23B
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