Team_APl Finland (APl): APl
Team_au Australia and New Zealand: TRi
Team_be Belgium: FWi, GGg, HF, AMq
Team_br Brazil: AFJ
Team_ca Canada: FWi, GGg, AMq
Team_CGZ Spanish: CGZ
Team_cn China: FGe, SPe, KBr
Team_Creators Creators (biographies): NHH
Team_de Germany: JPr, KBr, COv
Team_default Other: FWi
Team_dk Denmark: MJe, NHH, SKO, LPJ, ODa
Team_dkMX Denmark: MetroXpress: NHH
Team_DPW Modern global production: PHm
Team_fi Finland: ASe, APl, SMa
Team_fr France: FWi, GGg, AMq
Team_gr Greece: GNt
Team_HF Programming: HF
Team_it Italy: FSp
Team_jp Japan and South Korea: SPe
Team_KBr various Asia: KBr
Team_MBa I-coded stories: MBa
Team_MJe various Europe: MJe
Team_nl Netherlands: HF, PHm
Team_no Norway: EBi, FAa
Team_pl Poland: ACh, MLi
Team_pt Portugal: CGZ
Team_ptl Portuguese language: AFJ, CGZ
Team_QM Movies: JPr
Team_ru Russia and Latvia: ITu
Team_Scans Scans: FWi
Team_se Sweden: SPe, KCr
Team_SKO D-coded stories: SKO
Team_SMa Finland (SMa): SMa
Team_SPe I/D, I WITCH, fake codes, posters: SPe
Team_tr Turkey: KOz
Team_uk United Kingdom: FAa, FGe
Team_us USA: HF, FGe
Team_Website Website: FWi, PHm
Team_XU Various USA stories: HF
Team_yu Yugoslavia: MDa
Team_YZ Newspaper strips: HF, MJe
Team_YZX Scamp Newspaper strips: HF, MJe, SPe

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