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Contributions from: George Zoit

List of indexers
COA username: PhantomDuck.

Number of indexes submitted: 16

Number of publications indexed (as George Zoit): 783

Number of COAzilla reports sent: 164
Number of COAzilla answers: 43

Number of scans uploaded (comics): 599 (recently uploaded scans)
Number of scans uploaded (related to creators): 7
Number of scans uploaded (related to characters): 19
Number of scans uploaded (related to stories): 23

Number of story descriptions submitted by the user: 34

This user uses Inducks to receive news about certain creators and stories.

Number of story votes: 196

This user listed his comics collection in Inducks.
Number of comics: 2860.
This user made its collection statistics public.

Number of times the user edited an index: 1776 (offline contributions not taken into account)

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