Little known facts about Carl Barks’ work

This is not a page where you can learn the important facts about Carl Barks and his work. I'll put here (as soon as possible) links to other pages on the web for that.

I just want to gather here a few curious facts, and try to give evidence for them.
For example:

You probably know that Barks, after his official retirement, scripted some Junior Woodchuck stories. These were drawn by Tony Strobl or Kay Wright, and some of them have been recently re-drawn by Daan Jippes. You can compare the last panel of "Traitor in the ranks" in the preliminary draft by Barks and in the final version by Strobl and by Jippes.

Do you know that at least one story written and drawn by Barks has been re-drawn by Tony Strobl when Barks was still active and working? Compare one panel from the two versions!

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