for Disney stories
drawn by Italian artists
for non-Italian publishers

The data format is as follows:

Story code
plot author/script writer/artist/inker
number of pages/short comment (in Italian!)/appearing characters
[printings (in Italy)]
{technical comments - in Italian !}

Whenever known , the "correct" code is given; otherwise a "fake" one is made up.

In the third line (plot author/script writer/artist/inker) the names of the plot author and of the inker are often missing; in such cases, the third line looks like

/script writer/artist/

Abbreviations for printings are as follows:

AO = Albo d'oro
AR = Albi della Rosa - Albi di Topolino (settimanale)
AT = Almanacco Topolino (1957-1984)
ATM = Albi di Topolino (nuova serie, mensile)
CD = I Classici di Walt Disney (1977-1994) - I Classici Disney (1995-)
CGM = Il Club delle Giovani Marmotte (1976-1982)
CWD = I Classici di Walt Disney (1957-1976)
DC = Disney Club
DT = Disney Time
GCD = I Grandi Classici Disney
GM = Giovani Marmotte
M = Minni & Company
MG = Mega Almanacco - Mega 2000
TA = Topolino Adventure
TD = Tutto Disney
TL = Topolino
TM = Topo Mistery
PK = Paperinik (e altri supereroi)
PKNA = Paperinik New Adventures
PM = Paperino Mese - Paperino
PF = Paper Fantasy
RT = Ridi Topolino
SA = Super Almanacco Paperino (1976-1980)
SAP = Super Almanacco Paperino (1980-1985)
TP = Topolino Più (1983-1984)
ZP = Zio Paperone

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