An index of Italian Disney stories

These pages are part of the I.N.D.U.C.K.S. project, a world-wide database aiming to index all the Disney comics ever printed in the world.
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Any contribution for non-Italian Disney comics should go to Harry Fluks, the coordinator of the I.N.D.U.C.K.S. project.
On the other hand, any suggestion, correction and contribution for Italian Disney comics should be sent to me:
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Franco Fossati

These indexes arise from Franco Fossati's excellent work which appeared in the 1982 "IF" magazines, covering the Italian stories published on issues 1 to 1406 of "Topolino", on the "Albi d'oro" and on issues 1 to 312 of "Almanacco Topolino".
Fossati's data have been put in electronic form with the help of Frank Stajano, then more work has followed, correcting errors, adding data and indexing the subsequent issues of "Topolino" (up to now), of "Almanacco Topolino" (till the last issue of that series) and of other journals.

More about this can be found in the article that I wrote for the "Anonima Fumetti" Newsletter.

Many people helped and are currently helping me doing this:
Dario Ambrosini, Miroslav Benassi and Paolo Castagno submitted information on issues from #1407 to #1718 of "Topolino".
Fabrizio Cellerini, Marco Della Croce, Riccardo D'Angelo and Armando Botto gave information on reprints which appeared on "Classici di Walt Disney" and "Grandi Classici Disney".
Francesco Gerbaldo sent a lot of data on the most recent issues of many publications and is one of the most active contributors.
Loris Cantarelli sent me a list of stories featuring Paperinik, and Gian Andrea Bruni provided some information on the content of the "Paperinik" journal.
Fabrizio Cellerini has provided the full index of "Paper Fantasy".
Francesco Spreafico sent me the full index of "PKNA", "PK2", "MMMM" and the most recent issues of "Topolino".
François Willot, Paolo Castagno and Alessandro Mulinacci sent the exact appearances for many stories.
Luciano Bottaro, Carlo Chendi, Bruno Concina, Sandro Dossi, Ilaria Isaia and Giorgio Pezzin sent me a lot of information about the Disney stories they did as writers and/or artists.
Alberto Savini, Italian Disney scripter, contributed a lot of information on the stories that appeared on "Minni & C.".
Alberto Becattini and David Gerstein, having access to the "right" sources, helped in several instances.
Other friends provided corrections to Fossati's data; they are credited within the index, near the relevant stories.
Last, but certainly not least, Claretta Muci (the editor of the Italian Disney comic books) kindly granted us permission in June 2001 to browse the "internal" Disney database and collect a lot of previously missing information, mostly credits for script and art. Thereafter, also Sveva Vizzotto and Silvia Banfi gave a very useful helping hand letting my friends browse the Disney data.
To all the above mentioned people go my warmest thanks.

My main interest is for Italian production stories (i. e., stories written and drawn for the publisher of Disney Comics in Italy, Arnoldo Mondadori or Walt Disney Company Italia).
Such stories may have non-Italian scripter and/or artist, but having been produced for the Italian market (and having possibly appeared only in Italy) are to be considered "Italian" stories.

It is nonetheless interesting to have a list of Disney stories drawn by Italian artists for non-Italian publishers. Among these are many stories drawn for the so-called "Studio Program" by Scarpa, Rota, Cavazzano, Carpi, Gatto and others; lots of stories drawn by Marco Rota for Egmont; some stories drawn by Cavazzano for the French market; and a few other stories.
I am just starting to collect information on these stories, so what you will find is far from complete!

And now... make your choice !

Italian production Disney stories:

Disney stories by Italian artists for non-Italian publishers:

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