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Stories: H 2018-257B, H 2018-257C, H 2018-257D, H 2018-257E, H 2018-257F, H 2018-257G, H 2018-258, H 2018-259, H 2018-260, H 2018-261 (other recently indexed comics). Issues: Germany: Lustiges Taschenbuch 508. Greece: Super Μίκυ 34. Norway: Donald Pocket 467. Sweden: Kalle Anka & C:o 2018-25; Kalle Anka extra 2018-03; Kalle Ankas Pocket 481. US: The Barks Collector 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (other recently indexed comics).

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247 scans, 1 story description, 16 character scans (Uncle Scrooge, Fethry Duck, Daisy Duck, Ratface, Peg-Leg Pete, Goofy, Dale, Super Cow, Donald Duck, Ze' Galo, Maria Vaz, Grandma Duck, Gyro's Helper, Flintheart Glomgold, Webby, Gladstone Gander).
Scans thanks to Albert, CS, Mankkop, stan, Stasiu999, sveknu: PN 5 (br), JMLE 1 (fr), MIK 65 (gr), TL 359, 360 (it), DP 467 (no), KA2018-10 (se), CBCO 4, 5 (us).