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Stories: G WWD 14, GC WWD 14, IC FC3 238, IC FC3 238C, IC FC3 238D, IC FC3 238E (other recently indexed comics). Issues: Germany: Welterfolge von Walt Disney 14. Italy: Fumo di china 3 238, 248; New Comics Now 373 (other recently indexed comics).

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4 scans, 3 story descriptions, 18 character scans (Kitty Reutabaga, Huey Dewey and Louie, Jones, Donald Duck, Hard Haid Moe, Uncle Scrooge, Fethry Duck, Detective Casey, Nestor, Pedrao, Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Fantomius, Lord Quackett, Goofy, Morty and Ferdie, Minnie Mouse, Salip).
Scans thanks to COv, stan, Victor: ZC 1593 (br), WWD 14 (de), JM 784 (fr).