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Stories: IC TD 81, U FF1961-06-03 (other recently indexed comics). Issues: Germany: Micky Maus 2017-43. Italy: Tutto Disney 81. Norway: Carl Barks' Andeby 7; Ole Brumm 2001-03. Sweden: Kalle Anka & C:o 2017-50 (other recently indexed comics).

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34 scans, 1 story description, 16 character scans (Banhudo the pig, Doutor Maluco, Gaustão, Minnie Mouse, Peg-Leg Pete, Granny from YM 119, Alfabeta, Gamadelta, Madame Granilda, Thor the dog, Nestor, Seu Giovanni from B 800097, Jean François Duclerc, Severino from B 770078, Zé Picareta, Mickey Mouse).
Scans thanks to Albert, fraply, stan, tvfmdxer, Victor: MK 539, ZC 2438 (br), SPG 97 (fr), GX 259, KAP 70 (gr), FF1961-06-03 (uk).