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Stories: I TL 3295-2, I TL 3295-3, I TL 3295-4, I TL 3295-5, I TL 3295-S1, IC TL 3295, Xgr/YGEIA 1A, Xgr/YGEIA 2A, Xgr/YGEIA 3A, Xgr/YGEIA 4A (other recently indexed comics). Issues: Italy: Frozen 37; Topolino (libretto) 3295; Zio Paperone (Panini) 6, 7. US: Disney Afternoon Giant 2; DuckTales (IDW) 16A, 16B; Uncle Scrooge: My First Millions 4A, 4B (other recently indexed comics).

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184 scans, No new story description, 4 character scans (Uncle Scrooge, Hard Haid Moe, Huey Dewey and Louie, Clarabelle Cow).
Scans thanks to Albert,, fraply, Mankkop: KL 38, MIK 64, 125, 226, MM 119, OTHS9511 (gr), TL 333, 1177, 1179 (it).