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Stories: I TL 3141-02, IC TL 3133C, IC TL 3134C, IC TL 3139C, IC TL 3139D, IC TL 3143C, IC TL 3145C, IC TL 3145D, IC TSI 13, IC TSI 14 (other recently indexed comics). Issues: Denmark: Anders And & Co. 2018-24. France: Bambi 10, 11, 12. Italy: I love Paperopoli 40; L'altro Topo 6; Principesse Disney 220; Tesori Disney International 13, 14; Topolino (libretto) 3264. Norway: Donald Duck & Co 2018-25. Sweden: Kalle Anka & C:o skollov 2018-03 (other recently indexed comics).

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86 scans, 21 story descriptions, 5 character scans (Jarbas the chauffeur, José Carioca, Gattoso, Mickey Mouse, EE's nephew), creators: Jaime Diaz Studio (list).
Scans thanks to Ekkoramm, Mankkop, mariozzzz: AA2018-15, 16 (dk), AT 111, BURF 5, 18 (it).