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Stories: HC DD2018-17, HC DD2018-17T, IC ILPA 32G, XUC DTI 8C, XUC US 439A, XUC WDSI 2A (other recently indexed comics). Issues: Brazil: Zé Carioca 2443. Germany: Lustiges Taschenbuch 506; Lustiges Taschenbuch Galaxy 2. Italy: I love Paperopoli 32. Netherlands: Donald Duck 2018-17; TrosKompas 2018-16. US: DuckTales (IDW) 8A, 8B, 8C; Uncle Scrooge 438A, 438B, 438C, 439A, 439B, 439C; Walt Disney Showcase (IDW) 2A, 2B, 2C (other recently indexed comics).

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119 scans, 1 story description, 8 character scans (Mad Ducktor, Daisy's nephew Desmond, Donald Duck, Gyro's Helper, Daisy Duck, Horace Horsecollar, Mickey Mouse, Morty and Ferdie).
Scans thanks to adrien, claudio_juris, tvfmdxer: DT2 3, MK 908, TP 634 (br), TL 2337, 2356 (it), MMW 625, 631, 646 (uk).