Welcome to inducks.org

This is a portal to Inducks – the Disney comics database. Below you can find various assets provided by members of the Inducks team. So what is Inducks anyway? Technically it is a database stored in a CVS repository in Denmark. And what does this database contain? It contains a detailed list of more than 140,000 Disney comics stories and more than 120,000 publications from all over the world, but it's not just a simple list – it includes descriptions of the stories, artists, number of pages, appearances and much more. And the Inducks team? That's a group of about 30 people, spread on four continents, who have commited themselves to index every single Disney comic story and every single Disney comic magazine in the world and no, we are not quite done yet. How do I access this database? Like any other information on the Internet you can access the Inducks in several ways. Try some of the links below.

Inducks-related sites