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Stories: FC SPG 238, FC SPG 238A, FC SPG 238B, FC SPG 238C, GC DCN 1, HC MA2023-41, HC MA2023-41A, HC MA2023-41B, IC RTL 215, IC RTL 242 (other recently indexed comics). Issues: Colombia: Mickey (Abril Cinco) 7. Finland: Aku Ankka 2023-39. France: Super Picsou Géant 238. Germany: Disney Adventure Journals 2; Lustiges Taschenbuch Sonderband: Halloween 9; Micky Maus Extrahefte 2002-51. Italy: Disney Comics (Panini) 7; Disney Magic 100; Disney Mix 23; Topolino (libretto) 3500B. Netherlands: Algemeen Dagblad 20230928, 20230929; Cars Special 3; Margriet 2023-41. Sweden: Kalle Anka & C:o 1948-2023 75 år 2023; Kalle Ankas Pocket 549; Kalle Ankas Pocket Special 2023-05 (other recently indexed comics).

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