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Which fields are explained on this page?
In which input files are these fields used?
On story lines: in DBS files, FSB files, y.dbs and z.dbs, yzsuper.dbs, w.dbi, DBI files.
On entry lines: in DBI files, w.dbi.


What should the field look like?
Syntax: [xref:xx(reason),xx(reason)]

The tag [xref:] currently occurs (approximately) 47281 times in the input files.
What does the field contain?
A reference (story code or movie code) to another story or movie. Used for instance if the story is a remake of another story, or a cover illustrating the story, or an adaptation of a movie.

The reason for cross-referencing is added behind (). Examples:
      [xref:W WDC 123-04(remake)]
      [xref:W WDC 567-89(cover)]
      [xref:W WDC 123-04(remake),W WDC 567-89(cover)]
      [xref:QM 001(adaptation)]
Note that references from a movie to another movie are not possible. Inducks is not primarily a movie database!
Which checks are done?
If a storycode is a subcode, the code is replaced with the corresponding supercode. See superref.
The "ref-reasons", the phrases between (), are checked on ambiguity, and some texts have been standardised.
Which log messages are related to this field?
Log1 (serious)
232: code <...> contains non-ASCII characters - Only printable ASCII characters are allowed.
Log2 (error)
235: code <...> is an old code for <...> - If a storycode is an old code (in oldcodes.dbx), this is logged and the code is replaced with the new code.
420: unresolved xref - story does not exist (packed ...)
423: unresolved xref - movie does not exist (packed ...)
455: Mismatch in xref:... with data from story file <...>
Log3 (info)
293: ... <...> is an ambiguous name
294: ... <...> should be indicated as <...>
298: ... <...> should be spelled as <...> - The field is almost right: some spaces or capital letters differ.
351: xref from movie to movie ignored
352: xref to implausible code (...) ignored - A proper storycode must be at least 4 characters, or 5 characters if it starts with Y or Z. A proper storycode must start with one of the letters ABCDEFGHIKMPQSUWXYZ. It must not contain a '*'.
454: xref:... not in story file (source ...)
Log4 (pedantic)
236: code <...> is a subcode of <...> (part ...) - If a storycode is a subcode, the code is automatically replaced with the new code. Also part and startdate are filled.
237: xref <...> is not a plausible story code - If this error occurs, this storycode in the xref is ignored.
239: xref <...> has no reference-reason
Which CSV field(s) use this field?
Table inducks_moviereference, field frommovietostory
Table inducks_moviereference, field storycode
Table inducks_referencereason, field referencereasontext
Table inducks_storyreference, field fromstorycode
Table inducks_storyreference, field tostorycode
How is the data used in the rest of Inducks?
If the DBS field has no value, but a DBI entry has a value, a log message ("...not in story file") is given. (Unless the story has a superref.)

If the DBS field has a value, and a DBI entry has no value, the field is copied to the DBI entry.

If the DBS field's contents differ from a DBI entry (not looking at the order of the subfields), a log message is given.

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