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Production and Story Codes

Most of the Disney comic stories carry a Story Code. This is a code written on the first page of the story. The first letter of the code usually indicates who produced the story.

For the stories produced in the USA, the different publishers have different coding systems: every publisher has his own letter(s).

Some producers have made only few Disney comic stories. Mostly these stories did not have any story code. For Inducks we made up story codes.

Most of the covers have no code at all. In Inducks, we use our own codes for them.

The pages in this section contain, for every country/publisher, some history, the story codes they used, and the story and cover codes we use in Inducks.

Brazil (Abril)
Denmark (Gutenberghus / Egmont)
France (Disney Europe)
France (Edimonde-Loisirs)
Germany (Ehapa)
Italy (Mondadori, Disney)
USA (Gladstone)
USA (Disney Comics)
USA (Marvel and Acclaim)
USA (Foreign market stories)
USA (Western)
USA (miscellaneous)
USA (King Features)
the Netherlands (Oberon / Geïllustreerde Pers / VNU / Sanoma)
the United Kingdom (Fleetway, Egmont)
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