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Prehistoric times

Before the Weekly there had been various publications of Disney comics in Holland. Mickey Mouse newspaper strips appeared in the Telegraaf, as "Mikkie de muis". The balloon strips were transformed into pictures with text below, the same form that was used for e.g. Tom Puss.

In 1949, some booklets were issued with 1 picture per page.

In 1950 Belgium started with "Mickey Magazine", the Dutch translation of the French-language magazine with the same name. This magazine existed until 1959. Then subscribers were advised to step over to the Dutch Donald Duck Weekly.

Other European countries were also earlier than Holland. Sweden (September 1948), Norway (December 1948), Denmark (March 1949), Germany (August 1951), and Finland (December 1951) have a magazine that can be compared with the Dutch Weekly. In Italy and France they already had periodicals before the war. But the current magazines started in April 1949 (Italy, Topolino) and June 1952 (France, Journal de Mickey).

Usually, a Disney periodical started as a monthly, became bi-weekly later on, and then a weekly. In Holland they may have started a bit late, but it was a weekly from the beginning.

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