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The new era

The Weekly

In 1983, the Weekly chooses a new direction. The most noticeable is the new (educationally-correct) lettering. In stead of ALL CAPITALS, they start using capitals and lower-case letters. Furthermore, Hiawatha starts talking Dutch correctly ("I am in very big trouble" in stead of "Me in heap big trouble").

Daan Jippes moves to the States, which means (among other things) that there are much less Jippes covers on the Weekly. When he starts making covers for the new American publisher Gladstone, the Dutch happily take these over for the Weekly.

The stock of not-yet-reprinted Barks stories is diminishing. But the own production is expanded: they now also have Spanish studio artists do the artwork. Among them was José Colomer Fonts, who did a lot of stories for the Dutch. Evert Geradts, a Barks-fan from the beginning, is one of the regular story writers.

José Colomer Fonts self portrait

Old newspaper strips are being printed as much as possible (a trend that already started in the 70s). For this, characters like Joe Carioca and Panchito are being (re-)introduced to the Dutch audience. When they ran out of newspaper strips, they started their own production (with the same high quality!).

In 1987 we see the first work of a new talented artist: Mau Heymans. He tries to approach the style of Barks of the 40s as close a possible. We'll see a lot of his work in the 90s.

(Thanks to David Gerstein for the Hiawatha phrase.)

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